How To Get Involved

Interested in Getting Involved?  CWI always welcomes those who want to make a difference!

There are several ways to get involved in the work of the Coalition on Women's Identities. CWI is currently comprised of the Elected Directorate Members and the Volunteer Leadership Team. We welcome all involvement! To stay up to date on CWI activities and opportunities, please join the CWI listserv.

Volunteer with CWI!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Coalition on Women's Identities--at convention or throughout the year--please let us know here!

Sign Up to Review Programs!

 If you are interested in reviewing programs submitted for CWI sponsorship, then we would need to have you register no later than July 31st 2015. This will take approximately 5 minutes, and you will need your ACPA membership number for this process.  Please visit to do so.

Please then email [email protected] confirming you have registered and your name will be included on our list of CWI reviewers that we provide to ACPA. It is also helpful if you include any relevant information that may assist me in assigning programs that align with your interests or areas of expertise (years of professional experience, functional area, professional interests, etc.); though this is not a requirement!

CWI Directorate

Are you passionate about Higher Education? Are you committed to supporting, developing and empowering those who identify as women? Do you have a desire to become more involved with ACPA?

If you answered yes then the Coalition on Women's Identities may be the right place for you. The Coalition on Women's Identities is accepting applications for the next directorate class. Directorate members participate in committees work focused on advocacy and activism, engaging the community and scholarship salient to women and our allies in Student Affairs. 

Directorate members are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

Three (3) year commitment to the Directorate, beginning and ending with each ACPA annual Convention.

Convention– Plan to arrive early and stay through the close of each annual Convention. Attend and participate in CWI events at ACPA’s annual Convention.

Examples of Convention responsibilities may include:

  • CWI Directorate Meetings
  • Joint Directorates Meeting
  • Convention Opening
  • Sisterhood Social
  • CWI Open Business Meeting
  • Women of Color Social
  • Family Friendly Socials
  • Sponsored Programs
  • Showcase (CelebrACPA)

Mid-Year Retreat – Attend and participated in a mid-year meeting hosted in the Fall. The approximate cost of this meeting is $350, plus individual travel expenses (Registration/Deposit of approximately $125 due mid-July).

Conference calls- occur monthly, in addition to a conference call to welcome new directorate members.

CWI General Tasks- Work is project-driven, and each year Directorate members volunteer to work on one or more tasks for the coalition. Some of these projects include:

  • Submitting articles and editing content for the CWI newsletter or writing on the CWI Blog
  • Managing the Membership initiatives and Directorate recruitment and election process
  • Organizing major events and programs during Convention, special projects are the Socials & Showcase and our convention fundraising.
  • Program & Award Review and Selection Coordinator
  • Coordinating the EmpowHer Fellowship Program & Mentoring
  • Coordinating the Mid-Year Meeting
  • Coordinating technology, such as the CWI Website, Blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts
  • Coordinating Family-friendly Initiatives

Other Considerations

Due to the financial and time commitments required of Directorate members, you are strongly encourage to seek support from your department and/or institution. Directorate members are expected to attend mid-year meeting even without departmental or institutional support. Having these conversations prior to running for a position has resulted in greater support for current Directorate members.

We hope this position description provides you with helpful information as you consider running for the Directorate. Please know that if you have questions or want more information, you can certainly speak with current Directorate members about their experiences and the amazing leadership opportunity they have had, or check out the Blog at to read their stories. Email [email protected] or [email protected] directly should you have any additional questions. We look forward to your application!

If you have any questions please contact Vicky Dean at [email protected] or contact our main email address at [email protected].

Recognize a Colleague

The Coalition on Women's Identities would like to recognize exceptional achievements by women members of ACPA. If you or a colleague have completed a degree, presented at a conference, published a work, or received an award, please let us know! We will announce the individual’s name and accomplishment on our Twitter Feed and Facebook Page. Nominate here.

Additional Opportunities

  • Submit a program proposal about and/or related to women to the national convention. Ask for it to be sponsored by CWI.
  • Apply for our Emerging Leader in Residence Program.
  • Attend CWI sponsored events at Convention including programs, socials, and the business meeting. Ask questions and express your concerns.
  • Contact the Chair or other Directorate members to identify issues of concern to you and/or women in your area.
  • Use SCW as a basis for your own local professional network. Identify women's issues in your home area and find other ACPA members who want to work on the same issue with you.
  • Run for one of the positions on the Directorate open each year.

To Join CWI and the CWI Listserv:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the Member Login section of the web
  3. Enter your web User Name and web Password (this information was sent to you in a membership confirmation letter from ACPA)
  4. On the welcome page, scroll down to the "Committees" Section
  5. Follow the directions given in the "To join a committee" area:
    a) select committee name from list of committees
    b) click to open committee
    c) click on option join committee.
  6. Return to the "Member Home Page" and select "Manage your email subscriptions" under "myRECORD".
  7. Next to "Standing Committee for Women" select a "Subscription Type" of "Subscribe Single" or "Subscribe Digest".

Convention Events

Watch the website for a list of all our sponsored programs, meetings, social and Showcase information!


Thank you for sharing your interest in joining the Coalition on Women's Identities! We look forward to sharing the many exciting upcoming activities, programs and initiatives as well as getting to know you!