Writing for Publication Workshop

In order to strengthen the visibility of women scholars, the Coalitionon Women's Identities (CWI) initiated a Writing for Publication program in 2013. Each year, on the day prior to the annual ACPA Convention, a workshop is hosted by the CWI Senior and Emerging Scholars-in-Residence.  This year the topic of the workshop is designed to assist those who may struggle with finding or keeping thier voice while writing for scholarly publications.  This could include journals, magazines, newsletters, book chapters, blogs, etc.  More information, including how to apply for this workshop, can be found here.   

Resource List

Resources on Dissertation Writing

Articles on Dissertation Writing and Research

Articles on Doctoral Research

Books on the Dissertation Process

ERIC Journal Articles about Doctoral Research

Journal Articles about Doctoral Research

Feminist.com is a grassroots, interactive community by, for and about women. Its aim is to facilitate information-sharing among women and encourage mobilization around political issues.  

Girls Incorporated
Highlights include an update of research on critical issues facing girls, tips for parents and teachers, and a ReCast TV Action Kit that helps students confront stereotypes in the media.

NASPA's Women in Student Affairs (WISA)
WISA is the knowledge community within NASPA which focuses on the specific needs of women in higher education and helps to support and promote the interests and concerns of women at all levels within student affairs.

National Council for Research on Women
The NRCW seeks to promote visibility for feminist research and analysis and build stronger links between research, policy, action, and the media.

National Women's History Project
The National Women's History Project is an educational nonprofit organization whose mission is to recognize and celebrate the diverse and historic accomplishments of women by providing information and educational materials and programs. 

Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL)'s Equity Center
The Equity Center is committed to helping public schools and communities incorporate the key components of educational equity into policies and practices to ensure each student receives what she or he needs to succeed.

Syracuse Cultural Workers
Founded in 1982, the mission of Syracuse Cultural Workers is to help sustain a culture that honors diversity and celebrates community; that inspires and nurtures justice, equality and freedom; that respects our fragile Earth and all its beings; that encourages and supports all forms of creative expression.

WRAC-L: The Women's Resource and Action Centers List
WRAC-L is a forum for discussion about and sharing of resources regarding issues of significance to women's centers. The list is open to the staff and affiliates of women's centers, whether community-based or associated with schools, colleges or universities.

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