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The CGDSD offers year-round professional development opportunities through its Webinars, intended to provide opportunities for engagement and learning on critical global issues facing the profession. 

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Archived Programs (Recordings, Handouts, and More)


  • Around the Globe Webinar Series:
    ACUI, IASAS, and ACPA's Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development are collaborating to offer a series of FREE Webinars featuring well known experts and speakers from around the world. Each Webinar addresses a topic critical to student affairs and services, including diversity of structures of student affairs in different regions and countries around the world, different roles and functions of students within student affairs and universities, focussed discussions on mental health, free speech, SDG and sustainability, race and equality, gender and other relevant issues such as counseling, residences and community building and many more. Check out the Events section for upcoming Webinars. Recordings of past Webinars posted below.

    • Webinar #7: PART 2 - Student Leadership's Responses to COVID-19 From Around the World
      Recording of the Webinar available here.
      PowerPoint Presentations from the Webinar available here.
      Description: During this webinar, hear from students from China, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and more about their experiences and response during the COVID-19 pandemic.
      Presenters: SUN Rui, Hongkong Baptist University, China; Vongai Miambo, New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE; Raymart Walker, University of Sunshine Coast, Australia; Sahariar Rahman, Beijing Normal University, China; Madeleine Tsai, De La Salle University, The Phillipines
      Moderator: Dr. Lisa Moscaritolo, IASAS
    • Webinar #6: PART 1 - Student Leadership's Responses to COVID-19 From Around the World
      Recording of the Webinar available here.
      PowerPoint Presentations from the Webinar available here.
      Description: During this webinar, hear from students from China, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and more about their experiences and response during the COVID-19 pandemic.
      Presenters: Veresia Cross, University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago; Estefanie Lliguichuzca, New York University, USA; Shellie Stephanie Kerubi, Kenyatta University, Kenya; Laura Calderón Pérez, Universidad de Los Asndres, Colombia; Santiago Muñoz Ruiz, Universidad de Los Asndres, Colombia; Adeyinka Balogun, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
      Moderator: Dr. Birgit Schreiber, IASAS
    • Webinar #5: Institutional Responses to COVID-19 from Around the World
      Recording of the Webinar available here.
      PowerPoint Presentation from the Webinar available here.
      Description: Amidst the rapid global spread of COVID-19, universities and institutions around the world are quickly responding to the ever-changing situation with changes, new instructional modes, and innovative ways to support faculty, staff, and students. Join our webinar to learn about how higher education institutions in South Africa, Ireland, the U.S., South Africa, Canada are responding to COVID-19.
      Presenters: Rob Shea, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada; Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo, American University of Sharjah, UAE; Damian Medina, Duke Kunshan University, China; Dan Foley, Northwestern University, USA; andrea Strachan, The University of Queensland, Australia; Dr. Saloshni Pillay, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
      Moderator: Dr. Birgit Schreiber, IASAS
    • Webinar #4: U.S. Student Affairs Professionals Working Abroad
      Recording of the Webinar available here.
      Description: Interested in finding a job in another country? Learn from two US trained Student Affairs professionals how they have been able to obtain positions abroad. 
      Panelists: Elizabeth Coder has worked abroad in Europe, Central America, and the Arabian Gulf. She is currently working in Oceania with Verto Education as a Field Instructor for gap year students. She is also pursuing her Doctorate in Education in Education, Policy, Organization, and Leadership, concentrating in Diversity & Equity in Education, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.​ Brian Gallagher is a Student Affairs professional who has been serving as the Head of Student Life at Bard College Berlin (BCB) since 2017.  BCB is a small liberal arts college related to, but not governed by, Bard College in Annandale, NY. Previously, Brian lived/worked in Karachi, Pakistan and at various institutions in the US.
      Moderator: Dr. Gudrun Nyunt (Chair, ACPA Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development  
      ​[February 2020]
    • Webinar #3: Mental Health Around the World
      Recording of the Webinar available here.
      PowerPoints from the Webinar available here.
      Description: Learn from a panel of professionals from around the world about the issues related to and strategies utilized to address mental health and well-being at universities in their country.
      Panelists: Dr. Hind Alrustamani (Zayed University, UAE), Mr. Charl Davids (Stellenbosch University, South Africa), Dr. Christie White (University of Southern Queensland, Australia), Mr. Nic Streatfield (University of East London, UK), Dr. Sharon L. Mitchell (University at Buffalo, USA)
      Moderator: Dr. Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo (General Secretary, IASAS; American University of Sharjah, UAE)
      [December 2019]
    • Webinar #2: Sustainability Around the World
      Recording of the Webinar available here.
      PowerPoints from the Webinar available here.
      Description: This webinar addresses sustainability efforts on campus, and what different campuses offer with regard to sustainability promotion and action. 
      Panelists: Dr. Justin Mog (University of Louisville, USA), Rose Armour (American University of Sharjah, UAE), Dr. Joe Larragy (Maynooth University, Ireland)
      Moderator: Scarlett Winters (ACUI)
      [November 2019]
    • Webinar #1: University Services Around the World
      Recording of the Webinar available here.
      PowerPoints from the Webinar available here.
      Description: Learn from a panel of professionals from around the world about the structure and current issues in Student Services in their country.
      Panelists: Professor Teboho Moja (NYU, USA), Ms. Andrea Strachan (Queensland, Australia), Ms. Mirela Mazalu (European University College Association, Brussels), Professor Adnan Farah (University of Bahrain, Bahrain), Dr. Matome Mashiapata (University of South Africa, South Africa). 
      Moderator: Dr. Birgit Schreiber (Vice President, IASAS)
      [October 2019]
  • International Advising During an Era of Uncertainty: Adapting Transition Theory to Advise on Immigration Issues
    Recording of the Webinar available here.
    PowerPoint of the Webinar availabe here.
    Handouts 1 and 2 available here and here.
    Description: US Immigration is a hot topic that impacts a large segment of the campus community.  During an era of uncertainty and ever changing policies and regulations, advising international students can be challenging but it has never been more imperative. This presentation focuses on framing complex issues using an adaptation of transition theory to provide support to students facing stress regarding their immigration status and current immigration regulations. We will focus largely on F-1 and J-1 Visa categories but also discuss the implications for other visas.
    Presenter: Denise Robb, M.A., Immigration Coordinator at University of South Alabama
  • Being Good Company on Students' Journeys Toward Intercultural Maturity
    Recording of the Webinar available here.
    PowerPoint of the Webinar available here.
    Description: As our world becomes more globalized, student affairs professionals need to rise to the challenge to prepare students for life and work in a global society. This session explores the concept of intercultural maturity (based on King and Baxter Magolda's Developmental Model of Intercultural Maturity) and ways in which educators can foster students' development of intercultural maturity. Our session is geared towards practioners in all functional areas who are passionate about preparing students for meaningful lives in a global society.
    Presenters: Emily Akil, M. Ed., Academic Advisor at Miami University; Gudrun Nyunt, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Higher Education, Northern Illinois University; Paulina Romero-Rodrigues, M.Ed., Learning Commons Director at University of North Texas at Dallas; Yuan Zhou, M.S.E., Residence Director at University of San Francisco 
    [September 2019]
  • Pride Worldwide: Supporting LGBTQ+ Students Through the Study Abroad Process
    Recording of the Webinar available here.
    PowerPoint of the Webinar available here.
    Description: Study abroad in higher education in the United States has grown steadily in recent years. While the numbers have increased, access to study abroad resources for students of diverse identities has not necessarily grown with them, and universities may not offer explicit support in advising these students through the study abroad process. In this webinar, participants will learn how student affairs professionals can support LGBTQ+ students through the process of studying abroad. They will also gain an understanding of the context of study abroad advising in US higher education, especially related to diverse student identities. Finally, we will share resources for LGBTQ+ students studying abroad.
    Presenters: Amanda Tragert, Master’s Candidate, International Higher Education, Lesley University & Lauren (Lo) Chow, Education Abroad Advisor, Babson College
    [August 2019]
  • Grounding our Experiences: Introducing Social Justice Frameworks into International Service-Learning Programs
    Recording of the webinar available here.
    PowerPoint from the webinar available here.
    Additional resources from the webinar available here.
    Description: Service-learning and international programs have become foundations across universities, often recognized for their ability to support students in achieving academic learning goals and building empathy; however, these programs have come under increasing criticism for reinforcing power dynamics and failing to address issues of identity and privilege. In this webinar, the presenters will discuss how integrating social justice pedagogies into their international service-learning programs made space for conversations around identity, power, and privilege. Presenters will do so by sharing their experiences with two international service-learning opportunities. Attendees will learn about the presenters' experiences as program organizers and leaders and discuss how service programs grounded in social justice pedagogy has the potential to promote greater inclusion in international education and service-learning experiences. This session should particularly benefit educators interested in incorporating social justice frameworks and inter-group dialogue practices into service-learning, international, and other educational programs and curriculum.
    Presenters: Rosemary Ferreira, Graduate Coordinator, Alternative Breaks, University of Maryland - College Park (contact Rosemary at [email protected]); Jazmin Pichardo, Assistant Director, Diversity Training and Education, University of Maryland - College Park (contact Jazmin at [email protected]); Jeremy Gombin-Sperling, Research Associate, Education Abroad, University of Maryland - College Park (contact Jeremy at [email protected])
    [July 2019]
  • Panel - Navigating Higher Education: Experiences of Foreign-Born Professionals in the U.S.
    Recording of the webinar available here.
    Description: This Panel Session invites you to hear about the experience of foreign-born higher education and student affairs professionals, the unique contributions they bring to the field and the obstacles they have to overcome to navigate the professional world. The audience will hear from four foreign-born higher education professionals from different countries, institutions, regions and professional experiences. This session will help you better understand the experiences, successes, and unique perspectives of your foreign-born graduate students and colleagues as they navigate a career in higher education in the U.S. You will also learn about resources and effective strategies for being a supportive colleague and mentor to foreign-born Higher Education professionals.
    Panelists: Karen Lin, MA, Assistant Director, Career Counseling, University of California, Berkely; Gudrun Nyunt, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Counseling and Higher Education, Northern Illinois University; Konoka Shiino, MA, Teachers College, Columbia University; Mladenka Tomasevic, Senior Associate Director for International Students, Davis International Center, Princeton University
    [June 2019]
  • Chinese Pronunciation: Understanding and Honoring Your Students' Names
    PowerPoint from the Webinar available here.
    Recording of the Webinar available here.
    Transcript of the Webinar available here.
    Handout available here.
    Description: With the rapid increase of Chinese students on US higher education campuses, many faculty and staff are finding themselves with very limited understanding of Chinese history and culture. But at the most basic level is the need to be able to pronounce Chinese student names. This session will give a brief overview of the Chinese language system, a short but comprehensive guide to Mandarin intonation, and an interactive pronunciation session that will leave participants with a basic yet powerful command of Chinese linguistics. Participants will also learn how cultural tradition, governmental regulations, and holidays play a significant role in student classroom behavior and etiquette.
    Presenter: Megan Jeffrey, M.A., Program Manager, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
    [May 2019]
  • 4-part Webinar Series: Mental Health & International Students
    • Session 1: Understanding International Student Growth and Well-Being in the United States
      PowerPoint from the Webinar available here.
      Recording of Part 1 of the Webinar available for download here.
      Recording of Part 2 of the Webinar available for download here
      Description: Find out about current trends in student mobility and ways to assess their resilience and well-being.
      Presenter: Dr. Elisa Zhai Autry, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Washington Center on International Education.
      [April 2019]
    • Session 2: Unique Mental Health Challenges of International Students
      PowerPoint from the Webinar available here.
      Recording of the Webinar available for download here.
      Transcription of the Webinar available here.
      Description: A researcher, a counselor, and a Residence Life staff member share their insights into the unique mental health challenges international students face.
      Presenters: Dr. Katie Koo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Higher Education and Learning Technologies, Texas A&M University Commerce; Felix F. Pizzi, M.S. Ed., LCMHC, CCMHC, Director of the Wellness Center at Southern New Hampshire University; Ken Guan, Ed.D., Residence Life Coordinator, Indiana University Bloomington. 
      [April 2019]
    • Session 3: International Students' Perspectives on Mental Health
      Recording of the Webinar available for download here.
      Transcription of the Webinar available here
      Description: Hear from a panel of current international students as they share their experiences with mental health and well-being while studying in the U.S.
      Coordinating Presenter: Darbi Roberts, Ph.D., Executive Director of International Student Services at Southern New Hampshire University. 
      [April 2019]
    • Session 4: Supporting International Students and Their Mental Health
      Recording of the Webinar available for download here.
      Transcription of the Webinar available here: COMING SOON!
      PowerPoint from the Webinar available here.
      Description: Now that you have learned all about the unique mental health challenges international students face, hear from a group of practitioners about the ways they try to support international students' mental health and well-being.
      Presenters: Felix F. Pizzi, M.S. Ed., LCMHC, CCMHC, Director of the Wellness Center at Southern New Hampshire University; Ken Guan, Ed.D., Residence Life Coordinator, Indiana University Bloomington; Darbi Roberts, Ph.D., Executive Director of International Student Services at Southern New Hampshire University.
      [April 2019]


  • Roundtable: Job-Searching as Foreign-Born SA Professionals
    (Available for viewing here 
    Available for download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15-crB3xEoh5DhI46Sh6jlwaJcsPb5JmA/view?usp=sharing)
    Navigating the job search as a foreign-born Student Affairs professional can be stressful. How do I talk about my immigration status during the interview process? When and how do I ask potential employers about sponsorship? 
    The Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development hosted an informal roundtable to discuss the job search as a foreign-born Student Affairs professionals. Attendees included undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing careers in Student Affairs as well as international Student Affairs professionals currently working on their OPT, H1B, or a green card.
    [November 2018]

  • Helping International Students Launch Their Careers
    (Available for viewing here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7440151487611277571
    Available for download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PJLaKmdjHqLvaZLLwba9MtBQW6-LIkmI/view?usp=sharing
    Document with answers to follow questions available here: 
    Presenters: Dr. Darbi Leigh Roberts, Executive Director of International Student Services at Southern New Hampshire University, & Mindi Levinson, Career Placement Officer in the M.S. in Management Science and Engineering Program at Columbia University
    Description: In 2016/2017, 85% more international students studied at U.S. colleges and universities than a decade ago (Institute of International Education, 2017). International students have unique needs for resources and services from career teams to help them navigate the US and global job markets. This requires a different approach to guide international students through the process of self-authorship in order to realize their full potential as a part of the global workforce. In this webinar, we hope to share insights into how to best serve the growing international population on your campus and support them as they launch their careers.
    [November 2018]

  • Rooming with International Students: The Psychological Impact on Host National Students
    (Available for viewing here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7241581886389778433;
    PowerPoint available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g3osJOgNyzIA1bTYGvhi9y-QMO1Lr2qE/view?usp=sharing
    Available for download here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g3osJOgNyzIA1bTYGvhi9y-QMO1Lr2qE)
    Presenter: Cody Rosenbarker, Sustainability Learning Coordinator at Dickinson College
    Description: Student mobility is at an all-time high (IEE Center for Academic Mobility, 2018). Yet, little is known on how engaging with international students impacts domestic students. Cody Rosenbarker conducted a qualitative research study to explore how living with an international student impacts the overall mental health and well-being of their American roommate. The study centered around the experiences of six host students (16-22 years old at the time of their experience) who lived in a residence hall with an international student roommate or suite mate. The study explored potential benefits and drawbacks of these experiences for the host students. This study is the first, to our knowledge, to shed light on potential impacts of living with an international students and has the potential to guide practitioners who work with international and domestic students in a residential setting. 
    Join the Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development and Cody Rosenbarker to learn more about the impact of living with an international student on host students.
    [November 2018]

  • Advising and Helping International Students: Immigration and Legal Issues
    (available for download as mp4 here)
    Presenters: Denise Robb, Immigration Coordinator at University of South Alabama; Elaine Kimbrall, Managing Partner for Ware Immigration; Yuan Zhou, Resident Director at the University of San Francisco and a former international student
    Description: Over 5% of the more than 20 million students enrolled in U.S. higher education are international students studying and living in the U.S. on non-immgrant visas (Institute of International Education, 2018). However, a recent NSF report showed a 2.2% drop in undergraduate and 5.5% drop in graduate international enrollment (Inside HigherEd, 2018). Among the reasons university officials have given for this decline are the policial and social environment in the U.S. as well as visa denials and delays. As visa policies are changing and becoming stricter, professionals working with international students need to stay up-to-date on new requirements.
    The Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development, the Commission for Student Conduct and Legal Issues, and the [email protected]/x Network sponsored this webinar on USCIS immigration policies and memos that impact international students on university campuses. Focusing on both the advising and legal components, participants heard from a panel consisting of an immigration attorney, immigration coordinator, and former international student to learn about the recent policies, best practices, and the impact that changing policies have on students. 
    [October 2018]

  • Challenging the Culture Shock Paradigm: Preparing Students to Effectively Navigate Cultural Transitions
    (available for download as mp4 here)
    Presenters: Paige E. Butler, Ed.D., Program Chair & Assistant Professor of International Education Management at Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA
    Almendra Staffa-Healey, MBA, Co-Founder & Director of Intercultural Understanding, an intercultural competency development training company based in Madrid, Spain
    Janice Abarbanel, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Health Educator focused on Study Abroad and Emerging Adulthood and On-Site Psychologist at NYU’s Berlin Study Abroad Site 2011-2014, from Cambridge, MA

    Description: Recent research demonstrates that educators’ (over)use of the language of ‘culture shock’ can result in barriers to students’ coming forward to share their emotional experiences with navigating new cultures, whether encountering cultural difference on or off campus. In lieu of culture shock language, the presenters will discuss alternative frameworks that help create individualized opportunities for students’ emotional adjustments to new cultures. This session proposes a shift away from the long-held assumption that ‘culture shock’ is normal and that “symptoms” of negative emotional health represent a high level of concern. Emotions drive learning, and educators can promote emotional resiliency around difficult topics related to new cultural transitions and critical encounters with culture. This panel discusses how staff, faculty, and students can benefit from learning the language of resilience to connect with students’ emotional experiences with new cultures, with an emphasis on supporting students preparing to study abroad. By moving beyond outdated paradigms that reflect a single path and often an ‘emergency’ approach to students’ emotional transitions, educators can better prepare students to effectively navigate cultural transitions at home and abroad, and thus help students recognize a variety of emotional signals normal to cultural transitions before, during, and after their experiences in new cultural interactions and environments.
    [April 2018]

  • Higher Education in the Ghanaian Context Symposium (available for download as mp4 here)
    During January 2018, Dr. Candace M. Moore, Faculty Director of the Higher Education in the Ghanaian Context (HEGC!) study abroad program, with Dr. Jillian A. Martin, Co-Instructor for HEGC!, led a group of graduate students/higher education staff to Ghana for eleven days guiding participants worldview to expand beyond Western ideals of social justice education and engaged participants in a critical examination of concepts related to power, privilege, and oppression through their engagement with Ghanaian culture, the country’s approach to higher education, and specially the role of student affairs and assessment practices in the context of Ghanaian higher education. At the symposium, participants and their Ghanaian colleagues shared their experiences.
    [March 2018]


  • Supporting International Students in the U.S. in an Uncertain Time (available for download as mp4 here)
    Dr. Robert Coffey, Assistant Director for International Admissions and Sponsored Student Recruitment Coordinator, Office of Admissions, Michigan State University
    Nicole Namy, International Sponsored Student Coordinator/Advisor, Office of International Students and Scholars, Michigan State University
    [October 2017]



  • Destination Unknown: Studying Abroad in Nontraditional Locations (mp3)
    This dialogue explores trends in student participation and destination selection in education abroad, potential causes and solutions to underrepresentation, case studies from the field, and information for advisors and administrators seeking to increase student participation and education abroad opportunities. Presenter: Taylor C. Wood {George Washington University, USA) [July 2014]
  • Critical International Service-Learning (mp3)
    Presented by three seasoned service-learning administrators, this dialogue discusses how to administer international service-learning trips, including logistics management, consideration of social themes, and inspiring learning and reflection among student participants. Presenters: Courtney Holder (University of Maryland, USA), Melody Porter (College of William and Mary, USA), Shoshanna Sumka (American University, USA) [February 2014]

  • Education For Global Peace (mp3) 
    Dr. Jing Lin (University of Maryland, USA) has authored four books on peace education and environmental education. Her presentation discusses the roles of love, peace, and wisdom in education, and responsibilities, opportunities, and barriers of educators as tools for global peace. [December 2013]

  • Encouraging Students To Serve Beyond Their Horizons (mp3)
    Here2There International CEO Ashley Trakalo (Canada) discusses how to incorporate social justice conversations in international education, and how to promote service and cross-cultural dialogue. [October 2013]


  • It’s A Process, Not A Program: The Role of Student Affairs & Services in Education Abroad (mp3)
    Both student affairs & services and education abroad professionals play important roles in creating opportunities for student learning and development, but often the connection between these groups is weak or non-existent.  Tremendous benefits can come from building bridges between student affairs & services and education abroad, including the creation of safe, successful experiences abroad that result in desired learning outcomes. This presentation highlights how student affairs & services professionals can contribute to the education abroad processand the important role they can play in enhancing the quality of the programs in terms of student development and learning. Panelists explore how students participating in education abroad experience cognitive, identity, and psycho-social development opportunities, as well as cultural adjustment. Special attention will be paid to early-career students (first- and second-year students). Presenters: Dr. Paige Sindt (CEA Global Education, USA), Dr. James Lucas (Michigan State University, USA), Dr. Raymond Plaza (Bowling Green State University, USA). [February 2013]
  • Student Conduct and Education Abroad: What Professionals Need to Know (mp3)
    Presenters will consider and discuss issues and topics related to pre-departure orientation; legal and conduct issues related to education abroad programs; on-site emergency situations (including how to interpret campus policies to respond to incidents abroad); and the role and uses of technology. Presenters: Steven D. Bell (Old Dominion University, USA), Michael M. DeBowes (Old Dominion University), Dr. Dennis E. Gregory (Old Dominion University, USA), Camila Nardozzi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), Julianne Ohotnicky (Smith College, USA) Co-sponsored by the ACPA Commission for Student Conduct and Legal Issues. [October 2012]



    • Orientation Programming and the Needs of International Students (mp3)
      A panel of professionals who work closely with international students address trends affecting international students, how to communicate with students prior to their arrival to campus, and how to improve the international student transition and orientation experience. Presenters: MaryAnne Lustgraaf (University of New Hampshire, USA), Chrissy-Roth-Francis (University of Southern California, USA), Leslie Jo Shelton (Michigan State University, USA). Co-sponsored by the Commission for Admissions, Orientation and the First Year Experience. [April 2012]
    • Recruiting and Serving Underrepresented Students in Study Abroad (mp3)
      This session will present ideas and generate discussion on how to attract and better serve students from ethnically and racially diverse populations; students from diverse socio-economic groups; LGBTQ students; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) students; and students with disabilities. Topics will include strategies and resources, marketing, and building constituencies. This session will be a time of sharing best practices as well as lessons learned. Presenter: Cindy Chalou (Michigan State University, USA) [November 2011]
    • Higher Education Leadership and Globalization in the 21st Century (mp3)
      Dr. Yulia Tokstikov-Mast (Indiana Tech, USA) leads a roundtable discussion on several topics related to administrative leadership in a globalized era. These include: the internationalization of university organizational cultures; what it means to be an international instructor (importance, challenges, opportunities); increasing global awareness among undergraduate students; working with international students; and essential qualities for academic administrators to lead in the 21st century. [November 2011]
    • Engaging Muslim Students On Our Campuses (mp3)
      Hosted by student affairs and services staff in Education City (Doha, Qatar), this presentation is for professionals wishing to better understand the Muslim student experience. Discussants focus on important factors that help create Muslim student identity, challenges Muslim students face on college campuses, ways to meet their needs, and strategies to engage them on campus. Presenters: Raya Alirani (Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar), Mohammed Alkuwari (Qatar Foundation), Kevin D'Arco (Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar), Jill Duffy (Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar), Leslie Gray (Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar), Melissa Martinez (Northwestern University-Qatar), Donney Moroney (Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar), Jeff Sulik (Texas A&M University-Qatar), Jessica Young (Qatar Foundation). [November 2011]
    • Engaged Learning: The Global Dimensions of Student Development and the Importance of Building Community (mp3)
      Creative Facilitations founder Stephanie Pollack discusses how to enrich programs intended for diverse student populations by using interactive activities, intercultural communication theories, the stages of a group's life, experiential education theory, neuropsychology research, and community cohesion techniques. She discuss the whys and hows of ordering, framing, facilitating, and debriefing activities for optimal student development and connection. [October 2011]
    • Helping Student Appreciate The Benefits of International Opportunities (mp3)
      Presenters Kelly Kowatch (University of Michigan, USA) and Dr. Jessica Turos (Bowling Green State University, USA) discuss best practices in how staff can encourage students to explore international opportunities. Their presentation includes ideas for how to market international experiences to key campus constituencies. Co-sponsored by the ACPA Commission for Career Development. [April 2011]
    • International Student Adjustment: Practical Tips for Student Affairs and Services Administrators (mp3)
      International students face a number of unique issues when they enroll outside their home countries. Staff psychologist and international student specialist Dr. Sylvia Chen (Counseling and Mental Health Center, University of Texas at Austin, USA) discusses adjustment issues for international students and how best to assist them. Co-sponsored by the ACPA Commission for Counseling and Psychological Services. [April 2011]