Friday, 4 March 2016 - 9:00am to Monday, 7 March 2016 - 5:00am

Global Summit CoverBy attending the 2016 Student Global Summit student leaders will gain a broader understanding of leadership and higher/tertiary education around the world. Through exploring and connecting with other student leaders in different parts of the world students will:

- Personalize the process of leadership
- Develop leadership skills for a global community
- Appreciate the differences and challenges across tertiary education on a global scale
- Gain collaborative enhancement skills for building collaboration and teams
- Develop a common understanding and objectives of leadership
- Further develop practical skills and competencies to be an effective leader
- Engage in productive conversations for improving the greater social good on the global level
- Examine personal interests and goals
- Value the process of reflection
- Connect leadership to potential career and future engagement activities
- Increase network of equally well-intentioned individuals across nations

"Explore, Engage and Evolve" brings a thematic framework to two days of interactive and engaging leadership training.  Facilitated by four full time professional speakers from the Lead365 National Conference faculty, each of the four sessions promises to provide topical instruction, opportunities for enhanced understanding and practical competency building exercises.

Explore. Engage. Evolve.

Friday, March 4, 9- 5 pm

Session One is a welcoming introduction to leadership and its global importance.  Students will delve into the "personal knowing" aspects of being a leader through self-assessments, inspiring exercises and interactions with like-minded individuals.  Topics covered include:  defining leadership, strategies for influence, self-discovery, core-value identification, and characteristics of effective leaders across nations.

Session Two continues to unwrap what's on the surface and EXPLORE the leader within.  Focusing on the individual student, topics are designed to develop personal leadership competencies around the following topics:  motivation, active listening, non-verbal communication, conversations across cultures, giving and receiving feedback and reflection.

Saturday, March 5 – 9-5 pm

Session Three begins Day Two with a shift in focus from "personal knowing" to "collaboration with others."  Often one of the more challenging skills of leadership is working with others towards a common mission.  This session ENGAGES students in team building strategies, while discussing the many obstacles when differing personalities and interests collide.  Through numerous exercises and varied methods of instruction, students will identify competencies for collaboration and practice skills such as:  networking, empowering others, creating consensus, decision making, problem solving and following up.

Session Four is where the focus shifts to the service of mankind at the local, national and global levels. Now a connected group of leaders will explore how to change the world through developing individual and collective vision statements.  Topics of instruction and discussion include:  creating change, risk-taking, collective decision making, resiliency, grit and determination. 

Sunday, March 6, noon-5

Session Five will be facilitated by IASAS leadership and will allow for a conversation on the mission and aims of IASAS and how we as practitioners can assist in understanding the challenges for students around the world and how together we can possibly make an impact on those issues impacting the student experience.

6:30 pm – Opening of ACPA conference  (

Students who are part of this summit are welcome and encouraged to who stay for the conference and connect with student affairs/services practitioners.

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