Greetings faculty members!

Thank you for supporting ACPA and preparing graduate students for a professional career in higher education or student affairs!

We recognize and appreciate the critical role of faculty in shaping our next generation of college student educators. Through the contributions of faculty and graduate students, ACPA is the leader in creating and disseminating knowledge in higher education and student affairs. We want to continue to strengthen our support of graduate preparation program faculty as they advance their careers and those of students.

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The following information is available online for you to share with your students in class.

*ACPA will be mailing 10 copies of the materials to one faculty member at each graduate program listed in the Directory of Graduate Programs Preparing Student Affairs Professionals in July 2013.If you need additional copies, please complete the online Faculty Materials Request Form and we will gladly mail them to you.

Membership in ACPA commissions, standing committees, and state and international divisions provide easy access for involvement and leadership in the Association.

  • Standing Committee for Graduate Students and New Professionals: This committee addresses the needs and concerns of graduate students and new professionals, working to advance the field of student affairs in higher education.
  • Commission for Professional Preparation: This commission addresses the professional development of student affairs teaching faculty through collaborative opportunities for networking, scholarship, and service in pursuit of preparing the next generations of student affairs professionals.
  • Senior and Emerging Scholar Programs: The Senior Scholar Program provides scholars with a continuing opportunity to promote scholarship through the presentation of programs of interest to the profession at each national convention and to serve the association on projects related to their fields of interest.

Member-at-Large Faculty

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