Ethics and Mentoring Relationships

Mentoring relationships are rich opportunities to teach and learn, share and grow, renew or establish greater commitment to your community, your profession, and to the future. ACPA (and your home institution) have a variety of mentoring opportunities, through the annual convention, the commissions, the standing committees and other divisions. It is a hallmark of our Association that we are especially attuned the process of welcoming and acculturation for new members in the field of student affairs. The nature of a successful mentoring relationship encourages connection between a more experienced professional with someone newer to the field, facilitating the transfer of knowledge, insight, encouragement and support. These relationships, however, also carry the dynamic of power relationships including the need to navigate confidentiality and its limits, as well as the responsibility to build an architecture of trust. As such, the ACPA Ethics Committee shares this flyer with all members to encourage dialogue about the nature of mentoring relationships and to spotlight the role of ethics and integrity in mentoring programs.