Approved Revisions to Appendix A of ACPA Statement of Ethical Principles and Standards

New Approved Replacement Text for Appendix A Request consultation from ACPA Ethics Committee. If an individual (s) wishes to receive consultative advice on a professiona l ethical issue or concern, including how this Statement may provide insight on the issu e/concern and possible courses of action , he/she /ze may contact the Ethics Committee. Based upon the description o f the particular situation and the ethical issues/con cerns raised (omitting data identifying the person(s) involved), the Committee will provide the individual (s) with a summary of their insights and advice. Contact with the Committee for such consultation is confidential, as are the names of the people dis cussed, and the insights and advice provided. The goal of this consultation service is to assist the individual(s) in thinking through and addressing his/her /hir ethical issue/concern in an informed, effective manner. As such, the Ethics Committee’s resp onse is for the inquiring individual(s) use only, not for disclosure to or use by others, including specifically not for transmission to any individual or entity reviewing the ethical conduct of any person in question. Because the Committee’s response is based on limited information provided exclusively by the contacting individual (s) , no specific situation or ac tion will be judged “unethical” or “ethical.” Individual(s) requesting advice must look elsewhere if interested in pursuing redress or discipline . Responses rendered by the Committee are advisory only and are not an official statement on behalf of ACPA. Please review “Purpose and Procedures for Ethics Committee Consultations on Ethical Issues/Concerns” for more specific details on this consultatio n serv