State Chapters and International Divisions

These ACPA Entities provide Professional Development (Conferences, Drive-Ins, HED Talks, Webinars, Mentorship); Career Networking (Resume Reviews, Mock Interviews, Job Boot Camps, Job Postings); Access to Research & Scholarship (Publications, State Journals, Research Awards); Leadership Opportunities (Board Roles, Conference Committees, Volunteerism); National ACPA Pipeline (State members often advance to national leadership in ACPA).


ACPA has a proud tradition of advocating for and advancing the voices of all of members of our profession. Coalitions are at the forefront of issues of inclusion and social justice. The Coalitions are unique entities in that they represent and act as advocates for the social identities of the ACPA membership. Unlike the ACPA’s Commissions, which represent what we do, the Coalitions represent who we are. They provide mentoring opportunities, promote relevant scholarship, produce publications, and sponsor programs and socials during the Annual Convention.


Commissions represent the job/functional areas or professional specializations in which ACPA members are employed or have an interest. Most commissions offer electronic updates and newsletters, provide opportunities for educational programs and networking at the Annual Convention, and offer programs and services to members. Members can volunteer for activities, including leadership positions within the Commissions. Individuals can indicate which commissions they would like to join when becoming an ACPA member or renewing their membership, or by updating their memberships on the "Committees" page. There is no additional cost for Commission memberships.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice are subdivisions of ACPA that are organized around professional level.  ACPA’s first Community of Practice is the Mid Level Community of Practice.

Task Forces

Task Forces provide members with opportunities for professional development surrounding issues of importance in Digital Technology in Higher Education and Sexual Violence in Hig.her Education

SSAO Engagement Opportunities

The following are likely ways that SSAOs would desire to become more involved in and contribute to ACPA.