Governing Board

The ACPA Governing Board is composed of 12 voting members. Ten of these members are elected: President, Vice President, Past President, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Director of External Relations, Director of Membership Development, Member-at-Large for Faculty, Member-at-Large for Entry-Level Professionals, Member-at-Large for Mid-Level Professionals, Member-at-Large for Senior- Level Professionals and two are apporinted: Director of Professional Development and Director of Research and Scholarship. The Executive Director of ACPA who will serve as both the Treasurer and Secretary will fill one ex-officio position.


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Ethical Statements & Principles

Craig Elliott


Samuel Merritt University
Twitter: @drcraigelliott | Contact

Jamie Washington

Past President

Washington Consulting Group

Vernon Wall


LeaderShape & One Better World, LLC
Twitter: @VernonAWall | Contact

Kristan Cilente Skendall

Director, External Relations

University of Maryland
Twitter: @kskendall | Contact

Dre Domingue

Coordinator, Commissions

Davidson College

Merrily Dunn

Member-at-Large, Faculty

University of Georgia
Twitter: @merrilydunn | Contact

Becki Elkins

Coordinator, Communities of Practice

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Beverley Ellis

Coordinator, International Members & Divisions

University of the Southern Caribbean

Jesse Grant

Member-at-Large Senior Level

Bemidji State University

Keith Humphrey

Foundation President

Cal Poly–San Luis Obispo
Twitter: @keithbhumphrey | Contact

Dean Kennedy

Director of Professional Development

Sonoma State University
Twitter: @deanfkennedy | Contact

Leilani Kupo

Member-at-Large, Mid-Level

University of California, Merced
Twitter: @leilani_kupo | Contact

Vigor Lam

Member-at-Large Entry Level

Kitchell CEM
Twitter: @veegorous | Contact

Chris Linder

Director, Research & Scholarship

University of Georgia
Twitter: @proflinder | Contact

Danielle Morgan Acosta

Director, Membership Development

Florida State University
Twitter: @dMo924 | Contact

Alan Mueller

Coordinator, State and Regional Chapters

Salem College

Windi Sasaki

Director of Equity & Inclusion

University of California, San Diego

Jordan S. West

Coordinator, Coalitions & Networks

The George Washington University

Governing Board Elects

  • Director-Elect, External Relations: Tricia Smith, Redford University
  • Director-Elect, Membership Development: Rachel Beech, CSU-San Bernardino
  • Director-Elect, Research & Scholarship: Moira Ozias, University of Oklahoma
  • Member-at-Large Elect, Faculty: Marc Johnston Guerrero, The Ohio State University
  • Member-at-Large Elect, Mid-Level: Laura Arroyo, University of Colorado - Boulder

Assembly Leadership

The role of the Assembly and its leadership is to coordinate and support the independent and collaborative work of its constituent bodies (State Divisions, International Divisions, Commissions and Coalitions) and to direct the constituent bodies in the activities and research necessary to achieve the Association's mission. Through the constituent bodies, leaders of the Assembly will bring forth new ideas, concepts, and proposals for consideration and, when necessary, action of the Governing Board.

  • Coordinator, Coalitions & Networks: Jordan S. West, The George Washington University
  • Coordinator, Commissions: Dre Domingue, Davidson College
  • Coordinator, Communities of Practice: Becki Elkins, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
  • Coordinator, International Members & Divisions: Beverley Ellis, University of the Southern Caribbean
  • Coordinator, State and Regional Chapters: Alan Mueller, Salem College

Assembly Leadership Elects

  • Coordinator-Elect, Commissions: Brian Arao, University of California - Santa Cruz