Governing Board

The ACPA Governing Board is composed of 12 voting members. Ten of these members are elected: President, Vice President, Past President, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Director of External Relations, Director of Membership Development, Member-at-Large for Faculty, Member-at-Large for Entry-Level Professionals, Member-at-Large for Mid-Level Professionals, Member-at-Large for Senior- Level Professionals and two are apporinted: Director of Professional Development and Director of Research and Scholarship. The Executive Director of ACPA who will serve as both the Treasurer and Secretary will fill one ex-officio position.


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Ethical Statements & Principles

Vernon Wall


LeaderShape & One Better World, LLC
Twitter: @VernonAWall | Contact

Danielle Morgan Acosta

Vice President

Florida State University
Twitter: @dMo924 | Contact

Craig Elliott

Past President

Samuel Merritt University
Twitter: @drcraigelliott | Contact

Tricia S. Smith

Director, External Relations

Redford University
Twitter: @talktotricia | Contact

Brian Arao

Coordinator, Commissions

University of California - Santa Cruz

Marc Johnston Guerrero

Member-at-Large, Faculty

The Ohio State University

Becki Elkins

Coordinator, Communities of Practice

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Beverley Ellis

Coordinator, International Members & Divisions

University of the Southern Caribbean

Shawna Patterson-Stephens

Member-at-Large Senior Level

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Keith Humphrey

Foundation President

Cal Poly–San Luis Obispo
Twitter: @keithbhumphrey | Contact

Dean Kennedy

Director of Professional Development

Sonoma State University
Twitter: @deanfkennedy | Contact

Laura Arroyo

Member-at-Large, Mid-Level

University of Colorado Boulder

Vigor Lam

Member-at-Large Entry Level

Kitchell CEM
Twitter: @veegorous | Contact

Moira Ozias

Director, Research & Scholarship

University of Oklahoma
Twitter: @moiraozias | Contact

Rachel Beech

Director, Membership Development

CSU-San Bernardino
Twitter: @rabeech | Contact

Windi Sasaki

Director of Equity & Inclusion

University of California, San Diego

Jordan S. West

Coordinator, Coalitions & Networks

The George Washington University

Governing Board Elects

  • Director-Elect, Equity & Inclusion: Jonathan A. McElderry
  • Director-Elect, Professional Development: Jim Breslin
  • Member-at-Large Elect, Entry-Level: Latecia Yarbrough, UC Santa Cruz

Assembly Leadership Elects

  • Coordinator-Elect, Chapters: Nicole Whitner
  • Coordinator-Elect, International Divisions & Members: Joy Andrea Cox
  • Coordinator-Elect, Communities of Practice: Nick Tapia-Fuseiler
  • Coordinator-Elect, Coalitions & Networks: Victoria Malaney Brown