ACPA Ambassadors


ACPA Ambassadors Description

Ambassadors are graduate students and new professionals working on campuses across North America to create networking opportunities and expand the knowledge of ACPA.  They are the lifeline connecting their institution to ACPA and other institutions across the country. Ambassadors build and maintain a community within ACPA that focuses on innovative ideas and knowledge sharing. This opportunity is also intended to serve as an initial leadership position to prepare graduate students and new professionals for future leadership roles in ACPA. Ambassadors will have many opportunities to serve ACPA while engaging in valuable networking, leadership opportunities, and career development. Ambassadors have many opportunities to get connected with other coalitions, commissions, and communities of practice, contribute to ACPA publications, and host networking events at their institution or in their states or regions all while maintaining a presence within the Graduate Students and New Professionals Community of Practice.

Simply put, the Ambassadors Program serves as a gateway to opportunities not only within ACPA but across the field of higher education and student affairs through a 365 curriculum-based engagement experience. If selected, an Ambassador’s term runs from the acceptance offer date (varies as to when they apply) through a month after ACPA’s Annual Convention. Scroll down to the How to Get Involved section to learn more about the application process.


Ambassador Leadership & Coordinator Team

The Ambassadors Program is led by a Vice-Chair (a 2-year elected role) and two Assistant Vice-Chairs (selected by the Vice Chair via application process). The Vice-Chair serves as the primary contact or connection point from the Ambassadors Program to different areas of our association, including the Graduate Students and New Professionals Community of Practice, in which the Ambassadors Program falls under, and the International Office. The Assistant Vice-Chairs manage the different operational and functional areas of the Ambassadors Program by working directly with the Coordinator Team. As a unit, the Leadership Team provides vision and advocates for the needs of the Ambassadors Program on the larger stage as well as provides professional development for the Coordinator Team.

The Coordinator Team contributes to the vision and needs of the program by directly overseeing one of the operational or functional areas of the Ambassadors Program all the way from the brainstorming phase through implementation phase. These areas are as follows:

·         ACPA Liaison

·         Convention

·         Curriculum

·         Operations

·         Professional Development

·         Recruitment  

·         Retention

·         Social Media

Additionally, each Coordinator facilitates a small cluster of 10-15 Ambassadors where they are able to provide a space for education, networking, and personal and professional growth.

Collectively, each of these roles make up a part of the larger Directorate for the Graduate Students and New Professionals Community of Practice. To learn more about the different areas of our Community of Practice, meet the entire Directorate, or contact a member of the Directorate, visit our main page HERE .


Our Ambassadors

This year, we launched our Summer Experience Cohort which consists of 36 Ambassadors representing 31 different institutions, a majority of whom are returning Ambassadors from the previous cohort. Check out a visual representation of the institutions represented amongst our summer cohort, Coordinator and Leadership teams through our Ambassadors Google Map.

You can also learn more about what the summer cohort has been working on by reviewing our 2017 Summer Curriculum


How to Get Involved

We are currently recruiting for our academic-year cohort! Ambassadors selected for the academic-year cohort will have their term begin upon acceptance of the offer in September through a month after ACPA’s Annual Convention which will be hosted in Boston, Massachusetts, USA from March 3-6, 2019.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Ambassadors Program, e-mail us at [email protected]. You can also learn more about our program through our social media:

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