Directorate Membership

All members of the Directorate Board must be ACPA members in good standing during their entire term. The Directorate consists of the seven (7) elected members: Chair, and Vice-Chairs (as noted above as well as appointed Coordinators. The Coordinators shall be appointed and allocated based upon the needs and goals of The Committee each year. Selection procedures and terms of office are as follows:


Chair and Past Chair

The Chair of the CGSNP serves as the leader of the directorate body. They are responsible for overseeing the operations of various functions that comprise the directorate such as assisting directorate members in their respective position responsibilities and setting a vision for the coalition. The chair also serves as a voting member on the Executive Council of ACPA, the governing body of the association. They represent the needs and concerns of both the directorate and all graduate students and new professionals to the Executive Council and the association.


Vice Chairs

Vice-Chairs serve for two years beginning at convention time.  They attend Vice-Chair and Directorate meetings.  Vice-Chairs host monthly conference calls with Coordinators and oversee, transition and assist 3-6 Coordinators.



Coordinators apply for positions at each convention and are able to apply to multiple positions. They serve fromconventiontoconvention. Coordinators are selected by Vice-Chairs and have different responsibilities based on the Vice-Chair they serve under, their strengths, and the other coordinators. Coordinators attend SCGSNP Directorate Meetings and are highly encouraged to attend conventions.


Position Descriptions

Each functional area of the coalition oversees various projects and events. Some of the responsibilities of each include:

  • Operations- Website, newsletter, social media, meeting minutes, and membership lists
  • External Affairs- Volunteers, Next Generation, Scholarships, and Awards
  • Professional Development- Case Study and Sponsored Programs
  • Networking- Showcase, Socials, and Convention Colleagues
  • Ambassadors- Selection, communication, and training
  • Outreach- Sponsorship, ACPA collaborations, research initiatives, Faculty-in-Residence Program, and publications




The Operations committee oversees the website, social networking, the handbook, and the newsletter.

Vice-Chair and Coordinator Responsibilities

Vice-Chair of Operations:

Records and Website Coordinator: The Chair, Vice-Chair of Operations, and the coordinator in charge of the website have access to and can edit the website.  If changes need to be made, individuals can email the website coordinator to make those updates through submitting a request to the International Office.

8th Vector: The Newsletter Coordinator will oversee the reviewing and publishing process of the Eighth Vector.  This coordinator will recruit writers, review submissions, edit articles for grammatical errors and/or gaps in content. In addition, the coordinator will format the newsletter, verify recipients, and publish the newsletter via email and ACPA website. The coordinator must also build partnerships with subcommittees within the CGSNP as well as other ACPA commissions and coalitions in order to promote the mission of the association.

Membership Coordinator: The Membership Coordinator maintains and keeps up to date a list of members of the Coalition.  The coordinator is also in charge of taking meeting minutes and distributing them to the proper listserv.


External Affairs


The External Affairs committee oversees the Volunteers, Next Generation, Scholarships, and Awards.

Vice-Chair and Coordinator Responsibilities

Vice-Chair of External Affairs: The Vice-Chair of External Affairs will oversee the development and implementation of all programs and initiatives related to SCGSNP’s involvement in Career Central and the Next Generation Conference as well as oversee the distribution and awarding of the CGSNP Scholarships and the CGSNP Awards. In conjunction with the External Affairs coordinators, the Vice-Chair of External Affairs will ensure that the CGSNP is well represented with groups outside of the CGSNP. The Vice-Chair maintains consistent contact with all External Affairs coordinators throughout the year and at convention to make sure that the goals of the committee are met.

Next Gen Coordinator(s): This position works with, and on, the Next Generation Conference Committee. This person will help plan and implement the annual Next Gen conference, which takes place during preconvention at the convention site each year. The coordinator works to bridge the undergraduate students that attend the conference and the Coalition.

Scholarships Coordinator(s): The Scholarship Coordinators work on the annual scholarships given out to allow members of the Coalition better access to the Annual ACPA Conference. This process includes the creation and dissemination of the application, the organization of the completed applications and recommendation letters, the search for and assigning of application reviewers, and informing and securing the information for the winners of the scholarships. Once the winners have been chosen, it is up to us to make sure that they register and that they submit all proper paperwork to get the scholarship.

Awards Coordinator: The CGSNP Awards Coordinators strive to create a culture of recognition in CGSNP by acknowledging and appreciating the hard work and tireless efforts of Graduate Students, New Professionals, and Professional Mentors in the Field. For all awards issued, Coordinators are responsible for the development of award application materials and publications; promotion of available awards and solicitation of nominations to membership via the Listserv; solicitation for and Selection of volunteer award reviewers; communication to and with awardees and nominators; selection and Coordination of award items with ACPA, such as plaques and certificates; organization and Proper Distribution of all information handled, such as publishing information about winners and engaging recipients and nominators to attend CGSNP events at the Convention.


Professional Development


The Professional Development committee oversees Case Study and Sponsored Programs.

Vice-Chair and Coordinator Responsibilities

Vice-Chair of Professional Development: The Vice Chair for Professional Development in ACPA’s Graduate Student and New Professional Community of Practice is responsible for the overall implementation of professional development opportunities within the Coalition.  Currently, the Vice Chair for Professional Development oversees, the Virtual and Convention Case Study Competitions, Research and Scholarship initiatives, Webinars, and other professional engagement and learning opportunities. The specific responsibilities for the Vice Chair for Professional Development are to meet monthly with the GSNPCoP Vice Chair and Chair group, lead monthly meetings with the Professional Development coordinators, select and train coordinators for Professional Development, articulate a vision for professional development for members of the community of practice, ensure the implementation of all Professional Development Activities, and execute any other duties as assigned by the chair of GSNPCoP.

Case Study Coordinators: The role of the Case Study Coordinators is to oversee the planning and implementation of the virtual and convention case study programs. The virtual and convention case study are GSNPCoP signature events.  They have been known to challenge graduate students and new professionals, and is widely recognized as an elite case study competition among student affairs practitioners. The convention case study coordinators are also responsible for the entire execution of the case study competitions. This includes developing and implementing a marketing strategy to attract graduate student and new professional teams from universities across the country, coordinating administrative logistics such as (but not limited to) scheduling participants, developing orientation materials, managing the check in process during convention, and purchasing lunch for judges during the convention case study competition, writing the case studies in collaboration with organization partners who specialize in the focus area, recruiting judges for the case study competitions who have a background in the specific focus area, communicating with teams appropriately throughout the competitions and announcing the case study results for both competitions at the GSNPCoP award ceremony at convention and in the 8th Vector, the community of practice blog. 

Professional Engagement & Learning Coordinators: The PEL coordinators are responsible for the implementation of professional development opportunities for members of the community of practice outside of the case study competition. Historically, this has included the webinar series but other mediums and methods of engagement have been encouraged and developed. Regardless of the medium, each of these opportunities includes creating a curriculum of that focus on the various ACPA/NASPA professional competences that will cater to the needs of graduate students and new professionals. identifying speakers and featured guests to provide insight on these various topics, act as the point of contact and knowledge point for the Go-To-Webinar software, design and implement a marketing strategy to insure that engagement opportunities are highly attended by the membership, and coordinate with other community of practice coordinators to collaborate on different engagement and learning opportunities (case study coordinators, ambassador team, etc).





As an extension of the Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals, the Networking committee is committed to bridging our community with the larger ACPA organization through in-person involvement opportunities and social media. Our mission is to create a welcoming and informed environment for aspiring and new professionals that encourages development and fosters lasting professional relationships.

Vice-Chair and Coordinator Responsibilities

Vice Chair for Networking: The Vice Chair for Networking will oversee the development, event coordination, and implementation of the CGSNP table during ACPA Convention Showcase. This position is also responsible for planning and implementing the social events, which includes researching and determining a location for the off-site social, and organizing the annual Convention Colleagues program that take place during ACPA’s Annual Convention. Finally, this position oversees and manages the social media presence and initiatives for the Coalition.

Coordinator for Networking through Special Projects and Initiatives: This coordinator serves the ACPA membership of graduate students and new professionals by providing opportunities for networking throughout the year. This coordinator will create innovative and engaging opportunities for connecting members within and across levels of professional experience. In addition, this coordinator will also focus on providing information and educational opportunities for first-time convention attendees with the goal of encouraging the development of a professional network.

Coordinator of Networking through Social Media: This position will serve the ACPA membership of graduate students and new professionals in a networking context through the use of social media and technological formats. This coordinator will connect members and promote other ACPA programs and initiatives that may be of interest to our membership through programs, such as: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, webinar services, online discussions, and blogs.

Coordinator for Networking through Convention Colleagues: This position will serve the ACPA membership through a partnership with the Convention Planning Team to implement the Convention Colleagues Program, a staple program convention program which allows first time conference attendees to network with seasoned professional in the Higher Education field. The coordinator will work closely with the convention planning team to organize the event. Responsibilities include: recruiting new and seasoned professionals to attend, organizing registered attendees, reserving and coordinating space, collaborating with the convention planning team to create the program, agenda of event, and coordination of panel guests for questions and answer session.

Coordinator for Networking through Socials: This position will serve the ACPA membership of graduate students and new professionals in a social context. The coordinators will organize an off-site social event and on-site social events during the ACPA conference. These events will provide networking opportunities for graduate student and new professional who are members of ACPA and introduce them to the Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals.

Coordinator for Networking through CelebrACPA: The Coordinator of CelebrACPA will serve the ACPA CGSNP by connecting graduate students and new professionals to seasoned professionals within the field, while creating opportunities to network with other graduate students and new professionals across the ACPA membership.

Coordinator for Networking through New Convention Initiatives: This position will serve the ACPA membership of graduate students and new professionals by surveying our members to determine how we can best serve them during convention.  This position will develop new and fun initiatives for members to connect with colleagues and peers based on the collected survey responses.  In addition, this coordinator will work in collaboration with the Coordinator for Special Projects and Initiatives to find ways to connect our members with other ACPA coalitions and commissions.




The mission of the ACPA Ambassador Program is to promote leadership opportunities and networking connections for the graduate students and new professionals within ACPA. Our purpose is to provide professional development opportunities by building bridges between three core groups: throughout institutions within the organization; among the membership of the CGSNP; and across the greater membership within ACPA.


Ambassadors are Graduate Students and New Professionals working on campuses across the country to create networking opportunities and expand the knowledge of ACPA.  They are the lifeline connecting their institution to ACPA and other institutions across the country.  Ambassadors utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about opportunities within ACPA as well as create connections with people across the country. Ambassadors build and maintain a community within ACPA that focuses on innovative ideas and knowledge sharing. In addition to that, Ambassadors have many opportunities to get connected with other coalitions and commissions, contribute to ACPA publications, maintain a presence within the CGSNP, and host networking events in their regions.

Vice-Chair and Coordinator Responsibilities

Vice-Chair of Ambassadors: The Vice-Chair of Ambassadors will oversee the selection process for ACPA Ambassadors, develop and implement communication plan for ACPA Ambassadors, coordinate training programs for ACPA Ambassadors, collaborate with other ACPA Leadership to actively engage Ambassadors while providing networking and developmental opportunities, and collaborate with convention planning team to schedule Ambassadors for convention events.

Assistant Vice-Chair of Ambassadors: The Assistant Vice-Chair will be responsible for  implementing a membership evaluation, surveying ambassadors experience in the program, coordinate convention programming for ambassadors, schedule 1-on-1 meetings/check-ins (via telephone) with ambassadors and assist in ambassador alumni engagement. Furthermore, the Assistant Vice-Chair will be appointed to a one year term from the returning coordinators candidate pool.

Coordinators: The Coordinators are overseen by the Assistant Vice-Chairs and the Vice-Chair. Each coordinator has a focus area such as Recruitment, Social Media, Professional Development, etc.