Directorate Application for Elected Positions

The Application for Elected Positions on the GSNPCoP Directorate for this cycle is closed. Congratulations to the following individuals on being elected to their respective roles which they'll offiically roll on to at the upcoming ACPA Convention:

  • Chair-Elect/Chair - Tye Wesley (she/her/hers), Clemson University
  • Vice Chair for Professional Development - Jess Shapiro (she/her/hers), Ithaca College
  • Vice Chair for Operations - Luke Klefstad (he/him/his), Macalester College 

The next cycle for Elected Positions will be October-December 2020. If you’re interested in getting further involved with GSNP in other capacities, please scroll down to learn more about our application process for Coordinator positions which is currently open!

Directorate Application for Coordinator Positions

In addition to the Elected Positions, each year we seek individuals to fill our Coordinator positions which are one-year selected roles that span across our five functional areas under the direction of a Vice Chair: Ambassadors, External Affairs, Operations, Professional Development, and Networking. This is a great way for grad students and new student affairs professionals to get more involved in ACPA and in the work of our Community of Practice. The application process for this has been extended to 10 February 2020. All are welcome to apply! Those that are selected for a coordinator position will begin their term at the conclusion of the upcoming Convention. The process consists of the following steps:   

  1. Interested applicants should review the Directorate Interest Packet for Coordinator Positions.
  2. Then, complete the Directorate Application for Coordinator Positions by the 10 February 2020 extension deadline. 

If there are any questions about the application process or roles and responsibilities of Coordinators, please contact our Community of Practice at [email protected].