COVID-19 Response & Information

We know that the recent COVID-19 pandemic is making this time of year even more difficult and stressful for students, staff, faculty, and yourselves. What our world is dealing with right now is hard, and the implications on higher education institutions is unprecedented. Many of you are being relied upon in new ways to help your colleges and universities design inclusive and flexible responses, while also continuing to care for your students. We appreciate you and sincerely applaud your efforts during this challenging time.

Help Us Plan the Long Beach Experience!

Join a new team of leaders ready to create, inspire, and welcome attendees to Long Beach, California for a transformative Convention that builds upon our strong traditions in ACPA and the higher education and student affairs profession.

Apply for a Senior Scholars Grant!

ACPA and the Senior Scholars continue a research grant initiative to encourage practitioners and faculty to initiate original scholarship and research efforts designed to study critical issues impacting student affairs and/or higher education systems.

Proposed Bylaws Changes

Wednesday, 15 May, 2019

The ACPA Governing Board has approved a set of proposed changes to the ACPA Bylaws to come before the full voting membership of the Association. Changes to the ACPA Bylaws require a two-thirds approval vote from the members who participate in the voting process before amendments can be made. The proposed changes are being presented to you as individual voting decisions and each is described below for additional context and consideration.