ACPA is a Member Association of the Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium (HEASC).  Learn more about:


HEASC seeks to help higher education exert strong leadership in making education, research, and practice for a sustainable society a reality.

HEASC supports its members' work in advancing sustainability by:

  • Promoting and enhancing each others' sustainability efforts
  • Providing a forum for sharing and exchanging information, knowledge, and experiences
  • Building the capacity of higher education associations to make sustainability a goal of their programming and practices
  • Enhancing professional development, including training in sustainability for higher education association staff and their constituents
  • Reorienting professional development programs to address sustainability
  • Connecting higher education associations to the best expertise, resources and information in sustainability for higher education
  • Engaging in joint projects, and in projects with other associations and organizations that advance sustainability

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HEASC Resources

Presidents and Boards Primer (Download Here)
We realize the need to develop in-depth capabilities to address sustainability issues through our associations and we have decided to work together in this effort. We hope to eventually involve all higher education associations to get the broadest perspectives and produce the greatest effectiveness and synergy from our efforts. See our CALL TO ACTIONpage for participation by all higher education institutions.  Help get this implemented on your campus.  We meet on a quarterly basis by phone and once a year in person to collaborate, share best practices and initiate new ideas to advance sustainability. If your higher education association is interested in joining, please contact Meghan Fay Zahniser at

HEASC Fellows Resources (valuable resources for career counselors, development officers, faculty, procurement officers, etc.)

Sustainable Meetings & Events

Sustainable Purchasing

Climate and Energy

Professional Development

HEASC Legislative Actions

Clean Energy Education: Final Call to Action

HEASC Call to Action: Sustainability in Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews