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ACPA offers many professional development and networking opportunities for mid-level professionals. Here are just a few:

  1. Donna M. Bourassa Mid-level Management Institute
    Develop or polish your management knowledge and skills by participating in this highly focused multiple-day event designed specifically for mid-level professionals.
  2. ACPAGrow Career Mentoring Program
    Participate as a mentor or as a protégé in the ACPAGrow mentoring program.
  3. ACPA Internal Publications
    Develop your writing skills by working on your own or with others to author a publication that will be helpful to other student affairs professionals
  4. ML COP Directorate Project Groups and Leaders
    To learn about upcoming ML COP Projects for which we are seeking participants and/or leaders.

  5. Professional Liability Insurance
    Many educators assume their school will defend them if they're named in a work-related lawsuit. That could be a costly assumption on their part. With today's strained budgets and financial pressures, many schools may not have adequate liability insurance to cover all their risks. But even if your school does, it could choose not to defend you.

  6. Consultation Service
    If you are struggling with an ethical dilemma, how to address unethical behavior, or how to resolve ethical inconsistencies, you can submit a written description of the situation to a member of the ACPA Ethics Committee, omitting data identifying person(s) involved. Committee members will provide a summary of opinions regarding the ethical appropriateness of the conduct or practice in question as well as some suggestions as to what action(s) could be taken. No specific situation or action will be judged as “unethical” and responses from the Committee are given in an advisory capacity only and do not constitute an official statement from ACPA. This is a free service to any ACPA member.To submit a request, please send both Michael Kocet ([email protected]) and Jonathon Hyde ([email protected]).

  7. ACPA Case Studies
    The ACPA Ethics Committee has downloadable case studies complete with discussion questions. More case studies are to come.

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