The [email protected]/x Network (LN) provides a variety of professional development opportunities for its members by sponsoring Latino focused programs, network meetings, and the maintenance of a listserv. The LN also acts as a social vehicle to promote networking opportunities and an informal social support network.

As part of the Standing Committee for Multicultural Affairs, the [email protected]/x Network continues to support the mission and core values (Celebration, Advocacy, Recognition, Education, Support) of the CMA by focusing attention on the issues and concerns of people of color in the higher education community and to act as part of the coordinating directorate body for educating the Student Affairs Professional through diversity initiatives and to serve as an advocacy committee that supports, recognizes, and celebrates administrators, students, faculty, and staff. A subsidiary of this committee, the CMA is a nationally visible and action-oriented group that addresses the changing cultural dynamics within higher education institutions and works to create multicultural strategies and solutions.


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