Jordan West PhotoWelcome - From ACPA PAN Chair, Jordan S. West

Greetings to the Pan African Network,

It is with honor and immense privilege that I welcome and greet you as the 2017-2018 Chair of the Pan African Network (PAN) in the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs (CMA) of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA). I give thanks to you for your support and commitment to be on this journey with PAN. I humbly go forward in this role with an incredible amount of love and respect for those who came before me and I will work to pave a way for those building themselves to come after.

Ubuntu: I am because we are.

We are brilliantly, uniquely, and beautifully Pan African – of the African diaspora – filled with different portions of melanin that have been specially given to each of us. Our lives matter and our individual existence is deeply intertwined within one another, connected through bonds that came from our ancestors, long before our time. We are amazingly complex, incomplete, un-whole, messy, and fully ourselves. As members of PAN, we invite you to be with us in your most authentic, unapologetic, and constantly loving way in order for us to work towards building, creating, and sustaining our village.

Sawubona: I see you.

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2017-2018 PAN Board, Chair Jordan S. West; Chair elect Jasmine Lee; Immediate Past Chair Kyle Williams; Executive Secretary Krystal Andrews; Awards Co-chairs Monique Atherley and Shante Hearst; Community Outreach and Civic Engagement Co Chairs Brent Obleton and James Thomas; foundations mentoring co-chairs Joshua Kolapo and Ron Alexander; membership co chairs Steven Johnson and Joshua Moore; public relations co chairs Tiffany Rice and Darius Edwards; Research and scholarship co-chairs Diontrey Thompson; Social Co-chairs Jamal Myrick and Shetina Jones

The Pan African Network is committed to promoting the issues of all individuals of African heritage in higher education. PAN provides networking opportunities for all its members and seeks to create an environment of support and professional development. PAN seeks to be inclusive and welcomes everyone who is interested in advancing the PAN goals.

PAN falls under the umbrella of the CMA, one of seven different standing committees within ACPA. Committed to the values of CMA, the mission of PAN is to provide programs and services geared toward the needs of Pan African members within ACPA.

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