The Mission of The Pan African Network (PAN) is to provide programs and resources that service the needs of ACPA members who identify with–and support the causes of– the Pan African community. PAN strives to accomplish its purpose through the implementation of six Core Values, which serve as guidelines for our programmatic outcomes: Educational Leadership, Collaboration, Fellowship, Advocacy, Professional Development, and Mentoring.

To acknowledge the impact of our community on Higher Education, each year PAN offers two types of recognition. Please click the links to learn more about our Awards:

PAN Achievement Awards
(Annual Convention Awards)

PAN Sawubona Awards
(Quarterly Awards)

Deadline February 3, 2020

The following folx have been recognized by PAN for their contributions to our field:


Outstanding Graduate Student

Outstanding New Professional

The Erica Holloman Award

Sawubona Awards


Shamika Karikari

Ufuoma Abiola, Ed.D.

Dr. Jeffrey Burgin

Dr. Kelley Kimple

Ernest C Daily III

Taylor Watkins

Dr. Richard Marks

Eric Reed

Reggie Walker

Daria-Yvonne Graham


Nina Daoud

Antwone Cameron

Dr. Daniel Jean

Robert Dotson

Janelle Brown


Dr. Jasmine Lee

Charlotte McLoud

Carmen Goldsmith



Dr. Tonisha Lane

Dr. Cameron Beatty

Dr. Jonathan McElderry



Dr. Jonathan McElderry

Tamara Howard

Dr. Donna Lee