LN will be celebrating its 30th anniversary during the ACPA17 convention in Columbus. It will kick-off a year of activities as the Network acknowledges its past and continues on its efforts to advance the needs of our community.

Here is a chronology of LN Chairs and Co-Chairs:

LN grew out of the Standing Committee for Multicultural Affairs (now the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs). The initial leadership came through CMA and the first chair was selected in 1992*.

Year Co-Chair Co-Chair
1992* Jose Bourget-Tactuk  
1993 Jose Bourget-Tactuk  
1994 John Hernandez Alex Delgadillo
1995 John Hernandez Alex Delgadillo
1996 Kelly Ozambela Rudolph Chavez
1997 David Ortiz  
1998 David Oritz  
1999 Terry C. Mena Laila Patiño
2000 Terry C. Mena Laila Patiño
2001 Helda Montero Susana Muñoz
2002 Helda Montero Susana Muñoz
2003 Juan R. Guardia Maritza Baida-Medina
2004 Juan R. Guardia Maritza Baida-Medina
2005 Helen Alatorre Maylen Aldana
2006 Helen Alatorre Maylen Aldana
2007 Erik Colon Sandra Garcia
2008 Erik Colon Sandra Garcia
2009 Erik Colon Nanette Vega
2010 Nanette Vega Ric Montelongo
2011 Nanette Vega Ric Montelongo
2012 Ric Montelongo Angel Hernandez
2013 Angel Hernandez Ray Plaza
2014 Angel Hernandez Ray Plaza
2015 Ray Plaza  
2016 Ray Plaza  
2017 Daniel Hernandez  
2018 Daniel Hernandez