Past Award Winners

2017 Awards (recognized at the 2018 Convention):

  • Outstanding Service to the International Community: Dr. Ken Guan, Indidana University
  • Outstanding International Education Initiative: Temple University: #YouAreWelcomeHere Campaign
  • Excellence in International Research: Dr. Kaitlin Cicchetti, George Mason University  

2016 Awards (recognized at the 2017 Convention):

  • Outstanding Service to the International Community: Elizabeth Niehaus, Ph.D.- University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Outstanding International Education Initiative: Tamara Yakaboski & Matt Birnbaum, Social Justice & Intercultural Higher Education in the Yucatan, Mexico (Study Abroad) Course, University of Northern Colorado
  • Excellence in International Research: Elizabeth Niehaus, Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Letitia Williams, Ph.D., University of Trinidad and Tobago

2015 Award Winners:

  • Service to the International Community OR Excellence in International Education Research: Joyce Osland
  • Service to the Commission for the Global Dimensions of Student Development and to ACPA: Jeff Burrow, University of Toronto
  • Outstanding International Program: International Residence Education Programs, Michigan State Residence Education and Housing Services
  • Golden Jubilee Award for Leadership: Chris Moody, American University

2014 Award Winners:

  • Service to the Global Dimensions Commission and to ACPA: Abdul-Rahman Jaradat, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Outstanding International Program:  Kevin Stensberg, Andrea Zhou, & Mariel Goble, The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies
  • Service to the International Community: Richard Zereik, McGill University