We are all taking deep breaths as we gear up for summer planning and a fall opening unlike anything we’ve seen in the history of higher education. ACPA partnered with the Washington Consulting Group to offer a series of free “Possibility Conversations”. These conversations focused on three areas of preparation for moving into the fall with a diversity, equity and inclusion lens.

As a continuation of the Possibility Conversations facilitated in June, the Washington Consulting Group has developed three upcoming ACPA2GO webinars. Click here to review the topics and register!

Possibilty Conversation Recordings

What Do We Do When it is Hard to Breathe?: Teaching, Learning and Academic Advising in a Time of Racial Crisis
presented 1 June 2020

As faculty, staff and leaders we don’t get to disappear when it’s hard. How do we hold space in trauma -informed virtual context, when the ongoing manifestations of racism and white supremacy continue to take our breath away?

DEI Student Leader Training in a Virtual Environment
presented 8 June 2020

Resident Assistants, Student Government, Greek Life, Orientation leaders, Peer Educators, Office Staff and more; each of these student leader roles play a significant part in holding the value of DEI, as they serve the community.  How are we preparing engaged learning opportunities and helping student leaders keep DEI integrated into all that they do?

Virtual University: A Welcoming and Inclusive Campus Environment
presented 15 June 2020

As we begin our new semester, it is important to share with new faculty, staff, students and parents the core values of our community.  Most campuses include some version of a DEI session during welcome week and or orientation. What will your virtual DEI efforts look like, this year, during this important time?

Possibility Conversations will be facilitated by the Washington Consulting Group

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