Book Proposals

ACPA’s Publications Board is currently welcoming submissions of book proposals on topics related to, but not limited to the following: student growth and development, diversity in higher education, student access, success, and retention, mental health among college students, campus safety, and equity in higher education.

The criteria used to evaluate your proposal will include:

  • The topic’s contribution to the field
  • The author’s ability to present new and significant information and observations about the topic

Please note:

  • The contents must be derived from a solid knowledge base of theory, research, and/or practice
  • The proposed work should address as many dimensions of equity and diversity as is appropriate to the subject matter in a manner that reflects the best theory, research, or practice available to the profession regarding cultural concerns
  • Whether the focus is on current and emerging issues, or on historical perspectives, ACPA scholarly books must contribute to knowledge and action, and spell out the implications of findings or offer suggestions about what practitioners and faculty can do in relation to the topic.

Your proposal must include the following:

  1. Title of the manuscript
  2. Description, scope, content, and purpose of proposal
  3. Description of the target audience  
  4. Discuss the need for your proposed book and how it meets the need of your intended audience. Moreover, this section should describe the contribution your book may make to research and practice
  5. List competing and related works
  6. Discuss qualifications of authors as well as format and length of book
  7. Table of contents: Briefly describe each chapter and delineate its title
  8. Timetable: Give an estimate for completion of manuscript

For more information or to submit proposals, please contact the editor, Robert T. Palmer at [email protected]