ACPA Call for Proposals: Handbooks/Manuals & Monographs

The ACPA Publications Board is seeking your expertise in supporting and fostering college student learning.  We are in search of Handbooks/Manuals and Monographs covering a variety of current and critical student support topics including, but not limited to:

  • Advising
  • Assessment, evaluation, and research
  • Campus crisis management
  • Campus safety
  • Disability support and accommodation services
  • Ethics
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender identities
  • Leadership, management, and administration
  • Legal foundations and compliance (Codes of Conduct, Hazing, Title IX)
  • Equity, inclusion, pluralism, and diversity
  • Racial, cultural, and ethnic identities
  • Religious and spiritual identities
  • Student engagement
  • Student learning and development
  • Student services within community colleges
  • Student services within for-profit institutions
  • Student services within minority serving institutions
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Undocumented students
  • Additional topics of interest to the field are welcome

Submission Guidelines
ACPA members and non-members may submit proposals for a manual/handbook or monograph.  Submissions are accepted via email to Dr. Tonya Driver, Editor of Handbooks/Manuals and Monographs, at  Submissions should adhere to the summary of preparation guidelines as outlined in the Guide to Authors.  Failure to follow the guidelines will result in submissions being removed from consideration.  Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.  Handbooks/Manuals and Monographs will be considered through proposals, and if accepted, complete Handbooks/Manuals and Monographs must be submitted within 12 months of the acceptance date.

Submission Types
There are two types of submissions: 1) Handbooks/Manuals and 2) Monographs.  Handbooks/Manuals are comprehensive and step-by-step guides to a particular topic for practitioners that serve as a reference providing background information on the area, outlining what is required (e.g., regulations, policies, structures, resources, etc.); explaining how to put into practice, and suggesting how practitioners can address issues as they occur. Monographs are detailed scholarly reviews of relevant literature and practical experiences, capturing, synthesizing and examining a current and critical issue facing higher education.

Authors Identification
Authors must include the name, e-mail address, and institutional affiliation/location for all co-authors (up to five co-authors/editors).

Responsibility of Authors
The work being submitted should not already be accepted for publication elsewhere.  If, after submission, the work is accepted for publication, written notification must be received by ACPA so the work can be removed from publication.  By submitting, the authors certify that they have written consent for use of any recognizable photographs, images, or any other non-text representations.  If the research being reported in a submission involves human subjects, then the author must ensure, and indicate on the submission, that the study has been reviewed and approved by an institutional review board (IRB) or an equivalent research ethics review board and that all human subjects provided appropriate informed consent.  If IRB review was not obtained or is not applicable, the author(s) must provide a detailed explanation.  

Submission Content & Requirements
Adhere to the guidelines as outlined in the Guide to Authors.   Submissions are considered to be in their final form and ready for review upon submission.  Mask the body and title of the submission appropriately.  Any identifying information in the content or title fields will be cause for rejection.

Review Process
All abstracts will be masked and peer reviewed according to a rubric of the evaluation criteria outlined in the Guide to Authors.  Research in progress is acceptable as long as tentative, data-based conclusions are stated in the submission. Handbooks/Manuals and Monographs will be accepted based of topic and quality of material.  If a significant number of potential readers could obtain or have obtained this information elsewhere, it may cause your submission to receive a lower rating.

Withdrawal Requests
Submissions may be withdrawn to avoid publication by emailing Dr. Tricia Fechter Gates, ACPA Deputy Executive Director, at not more than three months after submission.

Email Dr. Tonya Driver, Editor of Handbooks/Manuals and Monographs, at with questions.