RAWC With Us
RAWC wants you on our team! Get involved with the following committees/leadership opportunities to support our mission and share your expertise and/or passion areas with the ACPA community. 

  1. Awards:  We always need people to help select our award winners and recognize colleagues in the field. If you are interested in serving on the Awards Committee, please email our Vice Chair of Awards and Elections at [email protected].
  2. Convention Activities: If you know you will be attending the Annual ACPA Convention and would like to help, we need people to review proposals, introduce presenters for our sponsored programs, and/or coordinate RAWC convention events. If you would like to be involved with convention activities, please contact Catherine Thompson, Vice Chair of Conventions, at [email protected].
  3. Professional Development: Our professional development opportunities commonly include webinars, white papers, and other resources to support the work and scholarship of our members. If you have a presentation you would like considered for a webinar or other publication materials, please contact James Archibald, Commission Chair, at [email protected].
  4. Social Media: If you want to share a best practice from your campus or research findings with other members of our commission, please consider submitting that information to be shared among our social media sites.  Please submit your articles and submissions to Rachel Brunson, Vice Chair for Social Media, at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdDWQMHam3glE6PkYaXj-.p8WU11oIaQLvX62_IJfXc0m53HCg/viewform Please utilize this form to submit information to be posted/shared out through the Recreation, Athletics, & Wellness' social media accounts. All members of the ACPA community and other relevant organizations are encouraged to share updates through this form. Submissions will be built into the Commission's social media calendar.
  5. Leadership: If you are interested in being a leader in our Commission, consider running for an elected Directorate Board Member (Vice Chair) position! To learn more about leadership opportunities contact James Archibald, Commission Chair, at [email protected].

Verify your RAWC Membership!
If you are new to ACPA or have ever let your membership laspe, you have to sign up to receive member-only correspondence from us. Follow the simple steps below to verify your membership or sign up:

  1. Visit myacpacommunity.force.com
  2. Search for Recreation, Athletics & Wellness Comm in the search bar on the top right of your screen
  3. Find the Commission in the list under groups and select it
  4. Click the Join button above the membership list.