Our Commission aims to provide links to resources on how to best support international students and scholars. This is a growing and ever-evolving resource. If you have additional resources that you would like to see added to this list, please e-mail us at [email protected].

Contributions of International Students and Scholars


In light of the Supreme Court issuing a decision to uphold the current federal administration's ability to impose a travel ban on June 26, 2018, our Commission urges its members to advocate for open exchange of ideas, participation in a global knowledge community, and the welfare of our international communities at our institutions. 

We created a list of action steps you can take and added resources. We recognize that this is not an exhaustive list and encourage you to contribute to this list by sending suggestions to [email protected]

Action Steps You Can Take:

  • Educate yourself about immigration issues and related topics, so you can fight ignorance and fear with facts:
    • ACLU collected stories on how the travel ban impacts people's lives - check out their stories here
    • CNN article on what life is like in the 7 countries targeted by the travel ban (from June 27, 2018)
    • New America provides information on citizenship status of terrorists in their article: Who are the terrorists?
    • BBC breaks down who is impacted by the travel ban here
  • US citizens: Call your elected representative to urge them to oppose legislation that negatively impacts our international community members
  • Student affairs staff: Check with your Office of International Student Services or equivalent on your campus and find out what kind of allyship would help
  • International student affairs staff in the US: Exercise self-care and let allies know when/how you need them to show up
  • Support student leaders/communities organizing around this issue
  • Inventory campus resources for international students - what help can be offered if students can't go home or can't come back?

Promising Practices for Supporting International Students and Scholars On Your Campuses

  • EAB: Supporting International Students: 17 High Impact Practices to Ensure Student Success (read the full article here)
    Molly O'Connor, Senior Consultant, provides 17 high impact practices focusing on supporting international students in the following four areas: successfully navigating campus traditions; helping international students understand academic integrity expectations in the U.S.; supporting international students during their job search; and raising awareness of international students about campus resources, particularly those related to mental health. 
  • The Center for Global Education provides a list of innovative international student support programming here
  • NAFSA provides a wealth of resources for those working directly with international students and scholars here
  • CGDSD Webinar on Supporting International Students in the U.S. in an Uncertain Time (from October 2017): access Webinar here