Next Generation Scholarship

The Coalition for Multicultural Affairs (CMA), American College Personnel Association is proud to offer several CMA scholarship packages for the Next Gen Conference.

ACPA's Next Generation conference offers participants an experiential learning opportunity to gain an understanding of our work and national associations, the tools and resources to guide them in their career exploration, and generate excitement for working in the field.

Recipients of the CMA scholarship package will have exemplified commitment to multiculturalism at their home institution, demonstrate their potential as a future practitioner to our profession, and a commitment to CMA and its mission and goals.

Scholarship Details

Recipients of the CMA Next Generation Scholarship will receive the following:

  • Financial scholarship to cover the conference costs ($125)

  • Opportunity to connect with a current CMA officer for mentoring beyond the joint conference

  • Opportunity to work with Next Gen scholars and CMA officers in designing and proposing a conference presentation at ACPA 2017

  • Letter from CMA Chair to recipient’s home institution supervisor and/or advisor

Students who are interested in being considered for a Next Gen scholarship must first apply for scholarship

Interested students should NOT register for the conference at this time. They should just complete the scholarship form and select the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs under the section on the scholarship application that lists entity groups offering scholarships. They can also select other commissions if they are interested in being considered by those groups as well.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Nanette Vega ([email protected]) or Erik M. Colon ([email protected]), CMA Next Generation Co-Chairs.