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Welcome to the Coalition on Men & Masculinities (CMM) Web site! We hope that you will join us at one of our upcoming meetings or sponsored programs at the next ACPA - College Student Educators International convention. Now that you have come this far we hope you take a few minutes to learn more about our committee.

Over the past 30 years, the Coalition on Men & Masculinities has evolved as a space to discuss the role men’s development plays in our lives as student affairs educators.  In accordance with wanting to further this dialogue, the Coalition on Men & Masculinities Directorate and Membership have taken a critical look at what the group currently stands for along with what direction(s) the group should head in the future.  This Strategic Plan is meant to serve as a living document, one which changes and evolves as time goes on, marking the ongoing development of the Coalition, its membership, and the Association to which it belongs.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Coalition on Men & Masculiniteis is to be a preeminent clearinghouse of information, knowledge, and professional development on issues related to men’s identity and development for all student affairs educators.

Mission Statement
The broad aim of the Coalition on Men & Masculinities is to promote men's development. To accomplish this mission we:

  • seek to promote awareness of men's issues among men, women, and transgender individuals,
  • support men on campus in developing their  full potential,
  • encourage and support the creation and dissemination of knowledge about men’s development, multiple modes of masculinities, and the intersections of masculinities with other socially constructed identities,
  • challenge the current social paradigm that promotes a restricted vision of what it means to be a man, thereby limiting men in terms of their success and potential,
  • actively welcome individuals who are newer to exploring male gender role socialization and the myriad issues related to hegemonic masculinity,
  • welcome and actively develop successful partnerships and collaborative relationships with individuals and organizations working toward the same goals as the Coalition on Men & Masculinities,
  • create a space wherein members’ personal growth and exploration is supported along with our professional responsibility to educate, organize and participate in the work of Association at large, and
  • create meaningful partnerships with other Coalitions, Commissions and colleagues who are instrumental in furthering our collective understanding of how men’s development impacts our work as student affairs educators.

Values Statement
The Coalition on Men & Masculinities sets about its work from a feminist framework with a perspective that is anti-racist/sexist/classist/ablest, LGBTQQIA-affirmative, and seeks to promote social justice education, involvement and activism within our community.  We believe focusing on gender role socialization and confronting the deleterious effects of hegemonic masculinity will benefit all individuals regardless of sex, gender identity and/or expression while also wanting to recognize and celebrate that which is positive about men and the myriad ways in which masculinities are expressed.  We believe in the transformative nature of creating a community of shared leadership and engagement opportunities, and value the dissolution of models of hierarchical leadership whenever possible.  We agree that individuals representing multivariate social identities, both targeted and privileged, need to work together toward equity and equality.  Furthermore, we recognize we have much to offer as well as learn, and are cognizant of the synergistic relationship between educators and students that go toward creating a true learning environment.