NEW Standing Committee on Men & Masculinities Mentoring Program

In an effort to increase networking opportunities among its members and strengthen the knowledge base regarding effectively engaging men on college campuses, the SCMM is proud to announce its new mentorship program. Many mentoring programs have clearly defined expectations of the mentor and the mentee.  While we will designate a mentor and mentee, we view this relationship more as a partnership whereby both participants will benefit from each other’s concepts, ideas, and accountability to literature and practice related to college men.

Expectations of Mentors & Mentees:

  • One “meeting” a month with your mentor/mentee. It is encouraged this occurs over the phone, via skype, or in person if location permits. Suggestions for use of meeting times:
    • Scholarly articles or general news items regarding college men SCMM recomends Carlos Andres Gomez's book Man Up for Spring & Summer 2013. An autographed copy of this book will be raffled off at the 2013 ACPA Convention Useful information and discussion questions regarding the book are available on the website.
    • Challenges and successes on campuses regarding engaging college men
    • Encouragement from both parties to publish or present on college men
  • Intermitted contact including e-mails, article sharing, or tweeting is encouraged.
  • It is expected that the mentoring partnership find ways to share their successes with the SCMM and provide updates to the Vice Chair for Marketing & Communications regarding successes or support needed.

If interested in participating please fill out this brief survey.

Members are welcome to apply to be a mentor/mentee at any time and we will accept interest forms on a rolling deadline.  For members who are able to attend the 2013 ACPA convention we hope you are able to attend SCMM Meetings and begin your partnership there! We encourage you to fill out the above survey by February 26, 2013, if you wish to be paired in time for the convention.