The process of choosing a Student Affairs Graduate Program may seem daunting at first, but this series of resources and questions will help you as you survey the field of available options.
First, consider if graduate school is right for you and your career goals.  If you hope to become successful in middle or upper management in student affairs, a graduate degree is necessary, as the field of student affairs continues to be specialized by people with advanced degrees.  
Several things will influence your choice of programs.  Consider these questions on your own before you begin your search.
  • Do you need a program that is on-site at a university, or are you able to take advantage of distance learning?
  • How far are you willing to relocate in order to attend the program you prefer?
  • What are your current testing scores on the GRE?
  • What area of student affairs is most attractive to you?
  • Do you have any favorites among student affairs faculty with whom you would like to study?
  • Do you have sufficient finances or financial aid to meet the costs of your education?
  • Do you meet any diversity indications that might qualify you for diversity-related scholarships and grants?
Graduate degree programs in student affairs can range from 33 to 60 semester hours.  The length of program does not necessarily indicate the quality of the program.  In general, your studies should take approximately two years to complete.

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For more thorough information about the process of choosing a graduate program, download this article "Selecting a Student Affairs Graduate Program" by Will Barratt, Ph.D.