Cover Image of Student Learning Outcomes for Sustainability: Assessment Materials GuidebookACPA’s Sustainability Task Force partnered with the Commission on Assessment and Evaluation with the goal of creating assessment tools to help ACPA members effectively measure student learning around sustainability. Towards these ends, Kimberly Yousey-Elsener (StudentVoice), Diana Richter Keith (Columbia University), and Staci Lynne Ripkey (New York University) formed a team in 2007 to begin a literature and web-search of assessment tools being used by various institutions.

This guidebook is built upon a framework of student learning outcomes developed by the ACPA Sustainability Task Force and published in the Monograph, Toward a Sustainable Future: The Role of Student Affairs in Creating Healthy Environments, Social Justice, and Strong Economies. Therefore, the assessment tools in this guidebook focus on one piece of the sustainability puzzle — student learning — and should be used to complement the assessment of operation and program effectiveness.