About the Commission

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011, the Commission for the Global Dimensions of Student Development (CGDSD) is one of ACPA's oldest and most vital entity groups.
The Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development brings together ACPA members from all functional areas interested in cross-cultural learning, development of intercultural competencies, internationalization, and student services around the world. Our Commission creates space for and initiates international and cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration among higher and tertiary education professionals and encourages its members to become engaged global citizens.
Our Commission creates and distributes educational resources on a variety of global topics including:
  • supporting international students, scholars and faculty members,
  • study abroad and international service-learning,
  • fostering the development of intercultural competencies,
  • student services around the world,
  • the role of student affairs in internationalization efforts.
Our Commission also serves as a home for international members, including ACPA members living and working outside of the United States as well as foreign-born ACPA members living and working in the United States.
Since its inception, the Commission has served as an essential hub for ACPA members interested in global education, cross-cultural learning, and student development. Over the years CGDSD members have provided critical leadership to ACPA's efforts to engage globally. That work has continued today through ACPA's Global Initiatives, our Commission's partnerships with other student affairs and services organizations like IASAS and CACUSS, and our efforts to provide resources to ACPA members around the global dimensions of student development and international education.
Our Commission has received numerous awards for its contributions to ACPA and the international education community. Recent awards include Overall Distinguished Commission Award (2019, 2020), Excellence in Innovation (2020), Excellence in Programming and Professional Development (2019), Excellence in Contributions to ACPA's Strategic Initaitives (2018). 
ACPA Awards Received in 2020