Where Respect Happens with Partner Logos

This campaign offers an opportunity for Student Affairs in Higher Education Consortium (SAHEC) member associations to collaborate in a message to students and professionals supporting students on higher education campuses as well as communication with external audiences.  We believe this is an opportunity to amplify the voice of student affairs professionals within higher education, to provide thoughtful leadership in a time of deep uncertainty and to support students as they navigate very challenging situations on campus as well as their own inner turmoil about the future.

The core messages are simple:

  • SAHEC Associations are committed to creating a world Where Respect Happens, one person at a time 
  • We are student affairs professionals creating spaces for student learning and development Where Respect Happens
  • I am a SA PRO. Where Respect Happens.

We hope to invite our students and colleagues into this commitment with one another leading to:

  • I am a student Where Respect Happens
  • I am a faculty member Where Respect Happens
  • I am a _____________ Where Respect Happens

News Update

The recent Association of Governing Boards (AGB) statement encourages campus leaders to engage in new ways regarding civility, inclusion and diversity.

How to Engage

Post Your Support Sticker

Download the sticker file, print (preferably in color), and place stickers on all office windows/doors/desk (as permitted by your campus) or to your car or bike, backpack, briefcase...whatever you can in order to communicate to students that you maintain space Where Respect Happens.  This document is set up to print on 8.5x11 paper, Avery 8164 Sticker Labels.

Get and Wear Your WRH Tee

Download this image file to send to your favorite t-shirt printer and/or order iron-on transfers with the Where Respect Happens imagery.  You may also use this image for the front pocket area.  Wear it often!

Send the WRH Postcards to your Mailing List

Let your contacts know that you are part of this campaign and invite them to join, too!  Download the imagery (.zip file) for upload to a printer such as Vistaprint, Office Depot, etc. for postcards. These images are sized correctly for excellent print quality.  We recommend 4x6 postcards, high gloss, full color, full bleed.  

Why Should This Campaign Matter on Campus?

Research clearly indicates that students and professionals who feel respected are more engaged.  They are more likely to share their ideas, contribute their thoughts and work collaboratively--give 100 percent+.  Students who feel respected are more likely to persist, graduate and obtain gainful employment.

The recent AGB statement encourages campus leaders to engage in new ways regarding civility, inclusion and diversity.

Where Respect Happens offers the opportunity to increase understanding about the role of student affairs professionals in creating opportunities for engagement in those activities when students:

  • Develop a curiosity about the perspective of others.
  • Seek to recognize a strength in another human being.
  • Look for opportunities to connect with and support other students.
  • Disagree and explain why.
  • Balance the time they spend talking and listening.
  • Need voice and agency in a nation that seems upside down
  • Make meaning 

Where Respect Happens Group Pic