ACPA is proud to offer a series of virtual learning opportunities for student affairs and higher education professionals. Join colleagues as we focus on getting you the information you need to thrive in your role and best support your students right now. Presentations will be added as they are scheduled to give you ample time to determine individual needs and plan your professional development experience. Webinars will have a flat rate cost of $10 to ensure equitable access of information to professionals at all levels. Featured webinars will have a flat rate of $20 given the 2-hour timeslot and heavily curated content.

  • Live stream captioning will be available for each webinar! A link to the stream will will be shared at the start of each live event.
  • A recording of the webinar will be available for registrants after the event concludes.
  • Registrations will be accepted up to 15 minutes before the event. If you were unable to register before the webinar began, you can purchase the recording through our ACPA2GO Archives

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Stop the Scrolling: Engaging Generation Z Online​
10 August 2020 // 1:00pm – 2:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Gen Z or iGen (students born from 1995-2012) are currently searching, if not enrolled in higher education institutions. Being identified as the most technologically savvy generation, higher education needs to follow suit to keep prospective and current students engaged online. This session will explore the planning and implementation of interactive social media strategies targeted directly to the iGen population and their needs.

Presented by:
Bryson Purcell, M.Ed., he/him/his, American University

Competencies: Technology

Intersections of Power and Institutional Change: Implementing a Transformative Advising Model
13 August 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


“But that’s not how we’ve always done it.” This cringe-worthy refrain is all too common in our field, as practitioners who are attempting to create meaningful, transformative change on their campuses can attest. This session explores our experience in developing and implementing a new advising model to examine the way campus politics, rooted in power and privilege, makes our institutions risk- and change-averse. This session includes practical examples, specific political/power dynamics, and lessons learned that are applicable across specific institutional contexts.

Presented by:

James Breslin, he/him/his, Bellarmine University
Lory L. King, she/her/hers, Bellarmine University

Competencies: Advising and Supporting (A/S);Leadership (LEAD)

Towards a Decolonized Classroom: A Lumbee Modality of Teaching
17 August 2020 // 2:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Though American classrooms typically emphasize Western notions of individualism and authoritarianism, many students do not benefit from this teaching style, particularly students of color. This session focuses on decolonizing practices that can be readily employed in the classroom that are based in Indigenous knowledge and center on more communal, organic and restorative forms of education.

Presented by:

Brittany D. Hunt, she/her/hers
Tribal Affiliation: Lumbee
University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Competencies: Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI)

Closing the Gaps in Voting Rates Among Underrepresented Students (Distance-informed)
3 September 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


18-to-19-year-olds are historically the age group with the lowest voting turnout, and social distancing will make this group even harder to reach. Additionally, voting rates vary between racial/ethnic identity, socio-economic status, and genders. This session will address how every functional area within Student Affairs has a critical role in closing voter gaps to promote a more just and equitable society.

Presented by:
Ellen Wehrman, she/her/hers, Campus Election Engagement Project

Competencies: Social Justice and Inclusionn (SJI); Technology (TECH)


Are You Prepared? Workshop in Student Death Management 
10 September 2020 // 2:00pm EDT // Cost: $10

*registration coming soon!

Student death can take an emotional toll on a campus community, but the priority for responders is to ensure that necessary tasks are completed, while addressing the needs of the family and the campus community. Proactive and ongoing training and preparation of staff, faculty, and students may help to foster a more effective institutional response. The approach student affairs officers take can have powerful positive or negative ramifications. Death happens, and administrators must ensure that personal and professional preparation occurs.

Presented by:
Lisa Kirchner
Gene Chintala

Competencies: Social Justice and Inclusionn (SJI); Technology (TECH)



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