ACPA is proud to offer a series of virtual learning opportunities for student affairs and higher education professionals. Join colleagues as we focus on getting you the information you need to thrive in your role and best support your students right now. Presentations will be added as they are scheduled to give you ample time to determine individual needs and plan your professional development experience. Webinars will have a flat rate cost of $10 to ensure equitable access of information to professionals at all levels. Featured webinars will have a flat rate of $20 given the 2-hour timeslot and heavily curated content.

  • Live stream captioning will be available for each webinar! A link to the stream will will be shared at the start of each live event.
  • A recording of the webinar will be available for registrants after the event concludes.
  • Registrations will be accepted up to 15 minutes before the event. If you were unable to register before the webinar began, you can purchase the recording through our ACPA2GO Archives

SUBMIT A PROPOSAL to present an ACPA2GO Webinar

We invite you to submit a proposal to present an ACPA2GO Webinar on a topic that will provide timely professional development to higher education and student affairs professionals. To learn more and submit a proposal, check out the ACPA2GO Webinar Proposal Form.


Feasibility of Implementing Proactive Advising and the Dynamic Student Development Meta-Theory
26 October 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Intrusive advising, also known as proactive advising, is comprised of techniques that originate from prescriptive and developmental models, as well as integrated advising models. All of the aforementioned models will be defined and explained with the goal of highlighting how these approaches relate to university retention efforts to promote student persistence towards graduation. This session will illustrate how proactive advising can be implemented within the Dynamic Student Meta-Theory (DSDM) to promote student success and foster student retention as informed by results from a feasibility survey.

Presented by:
Pietro A. Sasso, PhD, he/him/his, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Connections 2 Go: Reaching Event Outcomes in a Virtual Environment
27 October 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


When it's no longer safe to have in-person events, from a small round-table discussion, to a benefit dinner, to the largest extended orientation camp in the country, Fish Camp, creating new relationships and building on established ones is a new challenge for Student Affairs Professionals. Learn from an Event Management faculty member as well as a Fish Camp advisor from Texas A&M University about strategies, platforms, and pathways to success in the virtual events environment. Come to share what you have learned and are using to connect students and staff on your campus, as well.

Presented by:
Dr. Donna Lee Sullins, she/her/hers, Texas A&M University
Bradley Buroughs, he/him/his, Texas A&M University

Super Womxnhood: Debunking Notions of Perfection for Womxn of Color
30 October 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Womxn of color in higher education hold dual marginalized identities. In student affairs, they are called to for leadership, nurturing, and various other responsibilities. They are also expected to perform and present at higher standards in comparison to their white and male colleagues. When this is not achieved, they experience hyper-critique in upholding the image of super womxnhood that negatively impact them. Presenters will dispel the super womxn myth by providing tools addressing the oppression that womxn of color face.

Presented by:
Carolina Dávila, M.S.Ed., She/Her/Hers/Ella, Yale University
Shaun R. Simon, M.Ed., She/Her/Hers, East Carolina University
LeAnna Rice, M.S., She/Her/Hers, Queens University of Charlotte

Post Election 2020: ?
4 November 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: FREE for members, $10 for non-members


It’s the day after the election. Are you excited, sad, confused, hopeful, unsure…. This will be one of the most important elections of our time. The process is new. The issues are hot. The feelings are raw and the country is divided. Space is needed for student affairs professionals to breathe and support each other as well as find the energy to support their staff, student and campus communities. We are the leaders that higher education needs at this contextual moment and we need space to prepare for that role. Let’s just be in community and figure out what comes next.

Presented by:
Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington, he, him, his, President, Washington Consulting Group
dr. becky martinez, she, her, hers, President, Infinity Martinez Consulting, Inc.
Rev. Sam Offer, he, him, his, Vice President, Washington Consulting Group

Accessibility and Universal Design of Online Meetings
9 November 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


This webinar is focused on making online meetings accessible to people with disabilities. Due to increasing public interest, and the emergence of more robust online conferencing tools, online meetings are increasing in frequency. While most meeting organizers have the goal that all participants can fully participate, often this goal is not realized.

Presented by:
Sheryl Burgstahler, she/her, University of Washington
Brianna Blaser, she/her, University of Washington


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